Welcome from Rotary District 5950.  We are 63 vibrant clubs strong! If you are new to Rotary, click on the links to find a club in your area.  Rotary is about serving humanity, and clubs rally around this idea of giving back.  We give back to our community, and we give back to the world.  We believe in "service above self." If you have an interest in working together, having fun, and making a difference, we invite you to check us out!  Find a club where you work, or where you live.  Find out outshot you too can make a difference!
If you are part of Rotary already, the District is here to help you become GREAT in your efforts to serve humanity.   Vibrant clubs naturally attract more like-minded individuals.  Go from Good to Great, by capturing this vibrancy and communicating it on your website, in your PR, on your social media, and in your print brochures.  People who are looking for fun ways to serve will be attracted to your club.  Attracting more members allows us to raise more funds,miso we can do more projects.  More projects means more helping, making more of a difference.  Capture it, communicate it, attract it!  We are Rotary, and we strive to be Great, on Purpose!  Find out how to become a more vibrant club!