District grants are available for community service projects as well as for small international projects less than $30,000. Global Grants are available for large projects in excess of $35,000.  The amount available changes from year to year depending on the funds that are returned from The Rotary Foundation. 

Here are examples of grants (i.e., Days for Girls in Cameroon, chicken coops in Panama; food packing in Monticello; bike kiosk in a New Ulm local park; Brooklyn Park & KPMG Reading Program (Non-Rotary Partnership); and City of Lakes GUA Reading Program). 

Lists of grants from prior years are included as examples under District and Global pages.  Connect with the Grant Committee or the Club that performed the grant for more details.


This year's grant application forms as well as samples from prior year's grants are on web pages "Global Grants" and "Local & Small Int'l Grants". 

Eligibility to apply for District (local or Non-Rotarian Partnership) Grants OR Global Grants:  
    -- send at least one club member to a Grant Management Seminar (GMS) every Rotary year;
    -- complete the online TRF goals in Rotary Club Central;
    -- submit a Club Memo of Understanding signed by the FY2018-19 Club's President and President-Elect; and
    -- your Club must be current on all grant reporting.
GMS Seminars are scheduled during March and April each year. 
Make sure your club is qualified!