Posted by Bob Halagan (Buffalo), District Governor 2017-18
One aspect of development that is not talked about enough is that if you want to really improve a local economy, get money into the hands of women.
It is well documented that when women in developing countries can generate income, they spend it on their families. That is particularly important if we want to address the need to educate girls and young women. If a mother has income, she will find a way for her daughter to get an education so that her daughter doesn’t face the same challenges she did. These young women, after receiving an education and a way to be employed, are much more likely to repay that investment to their families and their communities.
As we look for ways to do good in the world, let’s put our focus on the women in the areas we want to affect. While often ignored and marginalized in machista societies, they are the real agents of change for their families and their communities.
Instead of just talking to the males, let’s listen to the women. They will tell us stories we need to hear.

--DG Bob