Posted by Bob Halagan (Buffalo), District Governor 2017-18
There is so much noise in the air these days about all the things that separate people and isolate us, one from the other. Rotary is guided by four principles that allow people to find a common ground of action regardless of political, religious or cultural differences. I think they are worth keeping in mind when challenged to resolve disputes in these contentious times.
1.  Is it the truth? The core principle of Rotary is adherence to the truth. Getting a commitment to seek the truth is a critical first step in finding common ground. A commitment to speak truthfully and honestly is the first step in creating resolution.
2.  Is it fair to all concerned? Most disputes start because people feel they are not being treated fairly. If an agreement can be reached that everyone should be treated fairly, the next question becomes asking each party what would be fair to the other person. Being fair to all concerned requires people to think outside their own perspective.
3.  Will it be beneficial to all concerned? When thinking about the resolution to a dispute, set the expectation that any resolution will result in both sides knowing that going forward their concerns and issues are being respected and considered.
4.   Will it build goodwill and better friendships? In the end, a good resolution builds healthier relationships. While not everyone is going to be friends in any organization, if everyone can agree to work in a way that results in feelings of respect and a commitment to honest behavior, goodwill is born and friendship is not a far step away. 
Thanks for all you do for Rotary!
--DG Bob