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At the 2013 RI Council on Legislation, a number of resolutions were referred to the RI Board of Directors and the Trustees of the Rotary Foundation for consideration. These two bodies have now had an opportunity to consider the resolutions and report on action taken, as summarized below:

To Consider Proposing Legislation to the Next Council on Legislation to Introduce a New Category of Membership: Associate Membership
The RI board noted that the associate membership pilot program is currently scheduled to conclude on June 30, 2014. Based on the results of that pilot program, the board will consider legislation to the 2016 Council that would introduce the category of “associate member.”

To Encourage the Adoption of the Second Object of Rotary as a Guiding Principle for Vocational Service
The RI Board referred this matter to the 2013-14 Vocational Service Committee for consideration.

To Consider Adding Peace and Conflict Resolution Activities to the Areas of International Service
The RI Board noted that peace and conflict resolution is a priority as one of the areas of focus and is actively promoted to Rotary clubs and districts as an international service opportunity and rescinded a policy section which was unduly restrictive in defining international service.

To Establish RI New Generations Service Day
The RI Board undertook to encourage Rotary clubs and districts to promote participation in Global Youth Service Day.

To Request the RI Board to Consider Designating the Rotary Leadership Institute as an RI Affiliate or as a Structured Program of RI
The RI Board decided to take no action at this time.

To Consider Making Grandchildren of Rotarians Eligible for Foundation Awards Programs
The Foundation Trustees decided that in order to continue to avoid any real or perceived conflict of interest that relatives of Rotarians receive preferential treatment in receiving Foundation funding, there would be no change in eligibility criteria.

To Consider Granting an Exception to the Eligibility Guidelines for Grants for Families Affected by Disasters
The Foundation Trustees noted that family members of Rotarians killed in disasters are already eligible to receive Foundation awards.

The next RI Council on Legislation will occur in 2016.

Any club may propose changes to Rotary’s governing documents. Proposed legislation from a club must be endorsed by the clubs of the district at a district conference and then submitted to RI. The deadline for submission of items for consideration at the 2016 Council on Legislation is December 31, 2015.

As your 2013 COL delegate, I am available to assist clubs in drafting proposed changes as well as to clarify any matters regarding procedure. Please feel free to contact me at

Yours in Rotary,

Julius Buski PDG (1999-2000)
D5370 Council on Legislation Delegate 2013