Passaic County Sheriff, Richard H. Birdnik, presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Wayne Rotary President Patty Hulbert, as Past Wayne Rotary President Joe Graziano and Wayne Rotary member Barbara Schroeder look on. Schroeder is also a member of the 200 Club of Passaic County, which shared in financing the expensive custom fitting protective vest for Service Dog “Gino” (shown to the right).
Sheriff Richard H. Birdnick recently thanked the Wayne Rotary Club for having raised funds for the purchase of bulletproof vests for the Sheriff’s Departments service dogs.
Service dogs undergo extensive training to protect the public, by sniffing out explosives and narcotics, and locating escaped criminals, important evidence, weapons, and missing per sons.
It is important that these bullet proof vests are custom fitted for service dogs, to allow them to run at top speed, enter close spaces, and have the agility to perform all the athletic activities required to best protect the public.
The Passaic County Sheriff’s Office has several dogs in its K-9 Unit, and there is always at least one in a patrol car at any time, ready to go. The dogs are fully trained and certified before they can serve in the field.
Typically, the dogs serve from age 2 until age 10, after which they are retired, and usually then become the home
pet of his K-9 Unit trainer, a sheriff’s officer who has formed a bond with the animal over the years.