Ruddys E. Andrade at the District Conference in Baltimore on April 29, speaking of the Jersey City Rotary Club’s 17-percent increase in membership last year.
Ruddys E. Andrade, a member of the Jersey City Rotary Club, spoke of a 17-percent increase in the club’s membership last year while he was its President.
Speaking in Baltimore on April 29 at Rotary District 7490’s 59th annual District Conference, Ruddys said the increase was brought about by the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to publicize the club’s activities and the Club’s invitation to people to seek membership.
The Club also, Ruddys said, began accepting credit card payments for dues and social engagements and invited prospective applicants for membership to lunches at Hudson County Community College’s Culinary Arts Institute Conference Center in Jersey City.
The club emphasized, he said, its goal of seeking only those members who were willing to serve their community, and with “personal agendas” being discouraged. In order to engage the new members, Ruddys said, they are encouraged to serve in areas that interest them. The introduction of two evening meetings a month, he added, encouraged people unable to attend the club’s weekly afternoon meetings, to join.