Governor's Message For June
Our Four Way Test has always had special meaning to me because it clearly articulates the things we think, say or do. No doubt we all     have been “tested” this year, but we are magnificently weathering the storm. This Rotary year started off like many others from the past. Our incoming Club Presidents and Assistant Governors (AG’s) spent a few days receiving the traditional PETS training and approving District budgets for the coming year. All of the attendees were eager to return to their clubs or club assignments ready to implement what they had learned. To everybody’s credit, things started off swimmingly. We welcomed our newest Rotarians into our family. We did follow-up training for our AG’s. We emphasized the connection between the Rotary Foundation and our Clubs. Our youth programs hit the ground running. Clubs were doing wonderful service projects, both locally and internationally. The committee to Combat Human Trafficking was expanding. Clubs and MFAC were focused on helping our veterans, active military and their families. We set a lofty $20,000 goal for Polio Plus. Our Gift of Life program was flourishing. Governor Club visits were taking place and great ideas were exchanged….and much more, of course. Along comes mid-March and we were hit with COVID-19. Initially, it was a shock to us all, but we dusted ourselves off and sprang into action. We realized that the sky was not falling, and that Rotarians were needed more than ever. The exploits of our Clubs to provide PPE’s, meals to healthcare workers, first responders and testing centers is well chronicled. Proudly, Governor Murphy even gave us a warm “well done” during one of his briefings. If 2020 could not be any more challenging, George Floyd is murdered, and his demise hits our country at its very core. Certainly, Rotarians are not immune to this tragedy, but we were fortified somewhat by the words and meaning of our Four Way Test. In fact, our humanitarian outreach during this pandemic continues unabated to this day and is made up of teams of all races. While not an answer to all the ills that face our great country, we can proudly serve as a beacon for those seeking harmony. Serving as your Governor this year has truly been an honor. Yes, there have been a few curveballs thrown at us, but we adapted quickly and hit a bunch of balls out of the ballpark. 
Gracefully and in the true spirit of Rotary, we stood tall through it all. Many friendships were made, we doubled our Polio Plus goal, we kept our membership at acceptable levels, we adopted new meeting technologies but most of all, we set the stage for a wonderful future. Our incoming Governor, Carl Hassett and his team have been dutifully planning for the upcoming Rotary year. I have no doubt they are prepared to successfully take on this leadership role and guide us into a very bright future. Let’s all give them the support they need! Please allow me to finish by saying thank you to you all, my fellow Rotarians, for making this year as exciting and rewarding as it has been. You have been an inspiration to me from day one and I will cherish every moment we have shared. Continued success my friends and good health to you and your wonderful families. DG John Mitchell