With Spring approaching it’s time to get outside and get busy. Hopefully you have plans to plant some trees this Arbor Day, April 27th. This is an extremely important aspect of Rotary International President Ian Riseley’s Strategic plan for this year.


When implemented by Rotarians, it will impact all of us locally and globally. The health of our Planet affects all of us. Trees do immense good for all of us by absorbing CO2, making oxygen, controlling flooding, preventing erosion, shading the Earth. This benefits all of us. Look around. There is surely a place you know that would be made better by a tree. The simple act of planting a tree is monumentally important to the well being of all of us. Honor a loved one , someone important in your life, by planting a tree. It will benefit our environment for years to come. If you need some ideas on how to go about this type ‘Arbor Day’ in your browser.


By the way, please plan to join us at the District Conference on April 20 – 22 in Saratoga Springs and celebrate Earth Day. We’ll be talking about ways that we can work together to Save the Planet and having some fun too!


DG Jim Damiani