District 7210 Disaster Relief Response to Hurricane Dorian:
It is still early to determine how best to help those that have been devastated by the effects of Dorian. The Hurricane is still active and we can only hope that the worst is over. There will be plenty of time for us to determine how to be most effective.  
Our friends at Operation Endeavor  (OE) has been monitoring the situation and will continue to do so in the days and weeks ahead.  A member of that team will be heading to the Bahamas to assess the needs of the community when it is prudent to do so.  OE is also evaluating other response scenarios as in past disasters.  In the past we have made a connection between them and the leadership of a Rotary Club in the effected community so that we can pinpoint the most effective way to be helpful.  I expect we will do that again when it is appropriate to do so. 
That being said, it is obvious that the Bahamas have been devastated and help will be needed.   According to a message sent by the District 7000 DG Marilyn Lopez Rivera, our fellow Rotarians from zones 33-34 (that includes The Bahamas) invite us to help them urgently and generously. The Rotary Disaster Network for Assistance Action Group Committee (that includes all the Caribbean Districts ) has met and the conclusion they have reached is that, for now, they will promote the collection of funds that will be used for rescue and reconstruction works and for any other appropriate use of such funds aimed at a similar purpose.
All parties are in agreement that carrying out activities to collect food, clothing, medicines and other effects is not indicated at this time. Money can be donated into the District Grants Account at First Bank #0208502690. CLICK HERE for information on how and where to donate. (see attached donation instructions) This was the mechanism that was used when the collection was made in favor of Ecuador after the earthquake that affected them. However, because it is so early it seems like it may be prudent to wait and see where the funds can be used most effectively.
I will continue to update you with information when available. If you would like to offer thoughts or suggestions please contact me directly at 845-798-2188
Gary Siegel, Disaster Relief Chairman
Rotary District 7210
Liberty Rotary Club
Liberty, NY