Club Service Projects
District 7210 is creating a directory of great hands on community projects to help all of our clubs find new ways to be active in their communities.  Please help us by providing some details on your club’s favorite hands on community project.  You will be giving other clubs the opportunity to spread to their communities the good works that your club is doing in your community and have fun working together on a great hands on community project.  You also will have the opportunity to review projects of other clubs in the district and may find a project that would be great for your club to adopt.  You will be able to use this information to contact someone who knows how to get it done so you don’t have to spend time reinventing the wheel.  We would also like to know in what way your club is supporting our international service efforts.  This is a way to gain support for your international project or find an international project your club can support. 
Thank you for Doing Good and Having Fun!


Steve Laubach, Service Director
cell: 914-456-5148