District Service Committee
Service Program Goals & Activities
2017-18 and beyond
What is Rotary?
Rotarians typically respond to this question in a variety of ways; they often respond that Rotary is…
  • A local community service Club.
  • An International humanitarian charity.
  • Service Above Self!
Each of these answers, and many others, are true. 
How about the members of your community, how would THEY describe Rotary or your Club? 
To be known as a service organization, we need to…
DO SERVICE!    Here in District 7210, we Do GOOD & Have FUN!
Let’s review some important aspects of Rotary’s service (click the links to learn more at Rotary.org):
Our District’s primary Programmatic Goal for Service is…
To ensure that every Club is actively engaged in significant local and global service projects.
Rotary’s Areas of Focus  www.rotary.org/our-causes
Rotary is dedicated to improving lives and creating a better world through these six Areas of Focus:
  • Disease Prevention and Treatment
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Basic Education and Literacy
  • Economic and Community Development
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution
On which of these Areas of Focus have your Club’s projects been working toward improvement?
Rotary Foundation Grants
There are two important ways in which your Club can receive Rotary funding for YOUR service projects:
District Grants fund smaller scale, short-term projects in your community or around the globe.  District 7210’s very simple one-page District Grant application is typically due in early spring, for projects to be conducted during the following Rotary year (July 1 – June 30), with about 30 Clubs receiving grant awards typically ranging from $250 to $4,000, with an average District Grant award of about $1,000.
Global Grants support significant projects with sustainable and measurable outcomes in partnership between at least two Districts from different countries.  The extensive application process for Global Grants, with grant awards between $15,000 and $200,000, often takes a year or more, but the benefits are obviously worth it.  Recent examples of Global Grant projects currently underway by Clubs in our District include clean water projects in Haiti, and a pending opioid addiction prevention project here in our own Hudson Valley.
Which types of Grant has your Club received?  Which Grants are you applying for this year?
General Categories of Service Projects
The service projects conducted by the Clubs in our District typically come from 3 general categories, and the most vibrant Clubs are likely to have one or more projects of each type:
  • Local Projects or International Projects
  • Hands-on Projects or Checks written to others for their projects
  • Fundraising Events…are they service?
What type of service projects benefit your Rotary Club and members the most?  More on that later…
Where Can Your Club Find and Share Service Project Ideas? 
You will find the following highly useful Online Tools listed on your home page at MyRotary.org:
The source for searching/posting Club and District projects!  Post some of yours here today!
Rotary Ideas   ideas.rotary.org/
The place for searching/posting Projects in need of partners, funding, volunteers and/or materials!
Rotary Discussion Groups  my.rotary.org/en/exchange-ideas/groups
Join a group, or many, and exchange ideas about virtually any Rotary topic.
What are the challenges faced by your Club, and how can a great service project help to solve them?
Benefits to Your Club and Members of Signature Hands-On Service Projects
In addition to obviously benefitting the recipients of your service project efforts, having a well known “signature” service project will benefit your Club and Members in many ways, including:
  • Engage existing members & increases Club fellowship (FUN!)
  • Increases retention of existing members
  • Raises awareness of your Rotary Club in your community
  • Increases support (financial and otherwise) for your Projects and activities
  • Attracts new members to your Club
  • Known to attract the target demographics beneficial for Rotary’s future (youth, women, etc.)
  • Provides an opportunity to work with the youth programs you support, such as Interact or YEX
So Now Get Out There and Do GOOD & Have FUN!
The District’s challenge to you and your members is to not only achieve the goal of ensuring that your Club is actively engaged in significant local and global service projects, but to develop at least one of your projects to be a Signature Hands-On Service Project.  Please post all of your projects on Rotary Showcase and/or Rotary Ideas (a requirement for District Grant recipients). 


Contact our District’s Service Program Director, PDG Louis Turpin for assistance and/or to have Louis do a presentation for your Club or Region: Rotary.Turpin@gmail.com