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Dear Fellow Rotarians!
Happy Labor Day to all!
I just spent 12 days with my granddaughter, Novamae and I must admit the youth are “INSPIRING”! Youth is our key to the future of this great organization.  Our RI President Barry Rassin has expressed how important our youth is and how he would like to see more Interact and Rotaract groups forming.  So let’s see what our District can do!  “WE CAN DO IT DISTRICT 7210!”
We have events this fall to keep us very motivated!  First and foremost is our West Point Football game in two weeks!!  We have 100 tickets and they must all go!  Date: September 15, 2018, $35.00 per ticket, Dailey Field we will tailgate and have BBQ.  If desired, there is a Cadet parade at 9:00 am – bring your own breakfast and watch these fine young folks!  We will start our tailgate @ 11:00 am, yours truly will be cooking.  Please join us for a fun event!  If you have not seen West Point you are missing out.
October 24, 2018 is “WORLD POLIO DAY.”  My challenge to the District is to have all 55 clubs contribute $100.00 per club to reach the goal of $5,500.00!! “WE CAN DO IT!”  Polio checks should be made out to the Rotary Foundation - Polio share.  You can send them directly in! Let us do the challenge!!!
November 3, 2018 – RLI – “ROTARY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE “.  This is a great educational program for ALL Rotarian’s!  It is being held at Mount Saint Mary College.  Presidents- PLEASE encourage your club members to participate!!!  You will learn so much more about Rotary and have the opportunity to meet other folks from different Districts.  We have currently four individuals from our District going for facilitator training this September!!!  PDG Penny Byron and I will be attending September 7 & 8th meetings for the future of RLI.
November 11, 2018- Foundation Gala- West Point! We should have representation from all our clubs!!! Our guest speaker is David Ives, from the Rhinebeck Club.  Registration will be on line very soon!
Whew! We are busy folks! We have a new club forming in our District in Region 7 and I will have more details to follow! 
I have visited all of Region 5 clubs and have almost completed Regions 8 & 9, along with Region 1.  We have fantastic Rotarian’s!!  You are all my “Inspiration” In everything you do!!!  We all should be proud to be a Rotarian!!!  There are wonderful things happening and we have folks working on getting the news of all the clubs on the web site. The folks who will be adding the news are as follows: Region 1- Colleen Mountford, Region 2- Tony Marmo, Region 3- Michael Polasak, Region 4- Vicki Kessler, Region 5- Gary Silverman, Region 6- Peter Sullivan, Region 7- John Semmels and last but not least Regions 8 & 9- our one and only Membership Chair for the next three years Larry Palant (yes we have a bio J).  I ask that you contact these folks to get your club news on the site!!!
I am extremely excited that our clubs have jumped on board to “join the fight” for the heroin and opioid addiction education!  Let us make the DENT and move forward.  We want our communities to know who we are and how much we care! 
I had the pleasure of meeting our Youth Exchange (YEX) students! Talk about Inspiration, holy cow!  They are ready to take a new school year right here in our District!  I am a supporter of YEX it is a great program and we have top notch folks running that program!  Encourage your clubs to participate for next year!  It is an experience you will never forget!  My husband and I did it and we were so glad we did! You learn so much about their culture and at the same time they are learning about ours!  I will host them at my home this October 26 & 27 for a fun filled Harvest Fall weekend!  Please join me!
Remember – to always keep positive in all you do!  After all- “WE CAN DO IT DISTRICT 7210!”
Yours in Rotary,
DG Chrissy G.
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