DG Susan Davidson & Tony



Dear Rotarians:
It is hard to believe we are half way through the Rotary year.  Our Rotary International President Barry Rassin has challenged us to “Be the Inspiration”: to take action and serve as efficiently and as effectively as we can to build a better world.  He has challenged us to reach within ourselves and to work together, with the knowledge and belief, we can make a difference. As Tony and I have travelled around the district and witnessed firsthand the incredible work of our Rotarians and of our Clubs, it is clear that District 7010 takes that challenge very seriously.  I am truly inspired by the work both at home and around the world that is accomplished by ordinary people doing extraordinary things!  The projects and programs are too many to mention but I encourage you to read the “Spotlight on Service”, posted weekly by Director Shelly Duben which highlights the service of our clubs.  You are awesome!
We are facing very exciting and challenging times in Rotary and everything we do depends on our membership.  We must continue to share the good work that we do and encourage others to join us in our fellowship and in our service.  Tell your Rotary Story.  Brag about the work of your club.  Invite others to be part of this amazing organization. 
Our world is changing and Rotary must change with it.  We must continue to ask the tough questions.  Are we inclusive?  Do all people regardless of race, gender, religious background, age or sexual identity feel safe and comfortable in our clubs?  Are our meetings relevant?  Do our projects meet the needs of our communities? Do we engage our youth as well as our senior members?  Thirty short years ago women were invited into membership for the first time!  We have come a long way as an organization and will continue to grow.
Thank you to each and every member of the Rotary family in District 7010 for the difference you make in the lives of others.  I am honoured to work with such a dedicated and giving group of people.
Yours in Rotary,
Susan Davidson
District Governor, 7010
2018 -2019