Rotary Weekend 2017
“Be the One” To Make a Difference to Rotary
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Secretary Training - Joyce Campbell 
Membership – A New Way of Thinking: Satellite Clubs, Corporate Memberships, Family Memberships and More - Lynne Chant
Access Foundation Money for your Club Projects (Grant Certification Training) - PDG Susan Cook
The Role of President Nominee: What to expect as Club President and How to Prepare - PDG Michael Duben and DGN Susan Davidson
Igniting the Leader Within You: Preparing for your Year as President - Satya Mitra 
Treasurer Training - PDG Marilyn Hanson
Dealing With Difficult People: Managing Club Conflict - PDG Tom Bennett
Council on Legislation: Past, Present and Future - PDG Brian Menton
District Projects - DG Margaret Walton
Rotary Club Central - Lynda Rickard
Adventure in Understanding - PDG Don Watkins
The Musts of Social Media - Andrew Smellie
Opportunities Beyond the Club and District: Fellowship Groups, Rotary Action Groups and More - PDGs Brian Menton and Tom Bennett
Planning for a Successful Year: Council on Legislation - PDG Brian Menton
The Strategic Plan - DG Margaret Walton
Take Your Meetings to Awesome! - PDG Tom Bennett
Community Service: From Needs to Assessment, Projects that Count - Shelly Duben
Membership: Getting and Keeping Good Members English / French - Lynne Chant 
Taking the Pulse of your Club - PDG Bob Wallace
Rotaract: Strength in Numbers - Ryan Harrison 
The Year in Review - DG Margaret Walton
The Year Ahead - DGE Mike Kinsey
Foundation - PDG Susan Cook
Alternate Memberships English / French - Lynne Chant  Establishing a Satellite Club / Corporate Membership / Affiliate Membership & Family Memberships
Youth Exchange - Eric Dean
Rotary 101: Everything You Need to Know - Joyce Campbell
Dealing With Issue of Abuse and Harassment - Angela Knight van Schaayk
Rotaract/Interact: The Future of Rotary - Alex McIntosh
Make Electronic Resources Work for You: Rotary Club Central, Rotary Showcase, Rotary Ideas, The Brand Centre and The Learning Centre - PDG Bob Wallace
Youth Exchange: The Jewel in the Rotary Crown - Eric Dean