The Learning Academy program is designed to stimulate interest in acquiring more knowledge about Rotary. Newer Rotarians, who want to gather more information as part of their orientation to Rotary, will find this program extremely beneficial. It will also provide training to Rotarians who would like to assume positions of responsibility and leadership at either the Club or the District level.

In general, Rotarians will learn more about Rotary both locally and internationally with a focus on Foundation, Membership, Community Service, Administration, and Public Relations (Image). For five consecutive months, each month will focus specifically on one of the areas with questions comprised of true and false, fill in the blanks, and multiple choice answers. You will have a month to complete the module and send it back electronically. The modules will be emailed to you by the Dean of the Academy. Some Clubs in our District are having fellowship events once a month and working on the modules together. The information is basic to Rotary.  Advanced Rotary education and leadership training is found under "The Rotary Leadership Institute."
This summer’s Learning Academy program will begin mid-August 2016 and finish at the end of December 2016. Certificates of successful completion will be delivered to the graduates. There is no registration fee for the program as all communication is via the Internet. The Rotary International website, the District 7010 website and Google® are excellent resources, as are experienced Rotarians. What’s new this semester is that modules will also include PDFs of information to reference.
If you were enrolled in the Learning Academy previously, and were unable to complete all of the modules, you can enrol and pick up the modules that you need to finish. We would love to have you complete your Learning Academy program!
You will find the application as a pdf or Word doc - on the left side of the page for downloading.
Please return completed applications by August 15th 2016  to:
Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at or call 705-791-2370.
Janet Morozuk
Dean, Learning Academy
District 7010