DG Mike Kinsey & MaryAnne
I look forward to the year ahead and serving district 7010 as Governor in 2017-18. In the year ahead we will welcome the world at our door when Toronto hosts the Rotary International convention in June 2018. It will be a very exiting time to be leading the district. I look forward to seeing many friends come from around the world to celebrate Rotary in our backyard. District 7010 plans to have a home hosting event during the convention.
Rotary International President Ian Riseley is a fantastic leader with a great simple message. Rotary… “Making a difference”.  It does just that in all the 42 communities that play host to clubs in the district. You only need to walk down a street to see a park, newly planted trees, a clock or many other projects that are visible reminders that Rotary is present in the community.
We joined 40,000 Rotarians in Atlanta to celebrate the Rotary Foundation’s 100th birthday. It was a great convention with inspiring speakers. District 7010 was awarded the highest attendance per capita, great times were had by all that attended.
The District 7010 Conference is being held September 29, 30 and October 1st in Collingwood’s Blue Mountain Village. I truly believe that “Be the One” has been done by so many individual people in our district that it is making a difference in our community and around the world. We will come together and celebrate this with some fantastic fellowship and amazing speakers. Please go online to betheone2017.com to reserve your space and celebrate with us.
It is my goal this coming Rotary year to have fun with my fellow Rotarians this year while we continue to do the amazing work that our district is so well known for. I hope to see our district plant one tree for each member in the district. On October 24th, World Polio Day, I want to join the clubs as each club hosts a walk in their community to create awareness the need to continue the efforts to eradicate polio from the surface of the earth. With the recent commitments of 1.2 billion dollars we are close to making the “drop to zero”. 
District 7010 has the most amazing team that ensure smooth transition from year to year. Our team is here to serve our clubs and members requirements.  I encourage you to search the newly updated district website and browse the organization chart to see how we can help you “Be the One”.
Mike Kinsey
District Governor 7010
May 7th - 7 pm
Barrie Uptown Theatre