Welcome to the JW Marriott - The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa.

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PLEASE NOTE: The J.W. Marriott is fully booked and rooms are now only available at Clevelands House.
Clevelands Housed is located just minutes from the Marriott at 1040 Juddhaven Road. To get to the Marriott, one must drive by Clevelands House. There is a walking path between the two resorts and the walk is less than 10 minutes. In addition; the conference will have a shuttle bus running between the two resorts.

IF YOU WISH TO CANCEL YOUR MARRIOTT RESERVATION, please be aware that any reservations not cancelled more than seven days before arrival are considered guaranteed and full charges will be levied against your credit card even if you do not attend.

JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa is the Marriott’s only J.W. Marriott resort in Canada.  It is a luxury resort in a wilderness setting, combining a relaxed and welcoming setting with superb accommodations, food and service.  See more HERE. All programs will be at the resort and conference attendees are encouraged to take advantage of the special rates arranged just for you in order to enjoy the conference to its full potential.
We have arranged for the following options at special prices just for our conference:
  • Studio (with or without water view)                   $109 per night*
  • One bedroom suite (without water view)            $149 per night*
  • One bedroom suite (with water view)                $269 per night*
  • Two Bedroom Junior Suite (with water view)      $379 per night*
  • Two Bedroom Executive Suite (with water view) $479 per night*
*  please note that a resort fee of $15 per night will be added to all per night prices.
For more details including pictures please go to the “Room Types and Prices” page. The majority of rooms available to the conference are the studio rooms.  If you want one of the suites, they are likely to be snapped up quickly, so reserve your place at this spectacular resort right away!