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July, 2013
Build a better future through charitable planning with The Rotary Foundation.
A little planning can make big things happen!
“No one can tell us what Rotary will be tomorrow, but one thing is certain:  What Rotary will be tomorrow depends upon what we Rotarians do today.”
— Arch C. Klumph

2012-13 Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Wilfrid J. Wilkinson (R.C. of Trenton, CAN) recognizes PDG Wayne and Lee Anne Cusick (R.C. of Blythe, USA) for Cusick’s role in creating the Paul Harris Society.
Changing the World Through Annual Giving
Annual contributions to The Rotary Foundation enable Rotarians to implement life-changing projects that empower youth, enhance health, promote peace and advance communities locally and internationally. In 1996-97, as governor of District 5340, Wayne Cusick recognized the value of promoting annual gifts of $1,000 or more and created a district recognition program he called the Paul Harris Society. The idea took off and soon districts around the world were providing Paul Harris Society recognition and seeing their Annual Fund contributions grow.

PDG Cusick continues to promote the Paul Harris Society as an important way to sustain the financial strength of The Rotary Foundation. In fact, in 2011-12, Paul Harris Society level gifts to the Annual Fund provided $39.1 of the $110.7 million donated. The Paul Harris Society is so successful that in January 2013 the Foundation’s Trustees adopted it as an official Rotary recognition program.

Rotary depends upon individuals world-wide who donate to the Annual Fund and sustain the Foundation’s valuable programs. Each contribution, no matter the size, helps Rotary make the world a better place.

Ray Fields and his wife Yasuko (R.C. of McMinnville, USA) established a named endowment so that their annual gift to Rotary could be assured in perpetuity.
Create an Endowment - A Gift That Keeps Giving
Rotary’s Endowment Fund (formerly known as the Permanent Fund) provides perpetual support for Rotary’s programs by supplementing annual contributions. The principal of a gift to the Endowment Fund is never spent and a portion of the earnings is used to support the work of the Foundation.
You can name your own fund within the endowment, watch it develop into a source of support for your favorite programs, and know that your gift is making a difference in the world now and well into the future. While any amount can be placed in Rotary’s Endowment Fund, the minimum amount to establish a fund in your name is $25,000. The naming options increase depending upon the initial gift size.
No matter what the size of your fund, it provides valuable support in perpetuity. Imagine your annual gift supporting your district’s local and international activities, forever; you can act now to make that happen.



Endow Your Annual Gift1
If your annual gift is:

Perpetuate it by giving the Endowment:

$500 $12,500
$1,000 $25,0002
$2,500 $62,5002
$5,000 $125,0002

1This estimate is based upon a 4% spending rate and is not guaranteed.
2Qualifies for a named fund.
Outright gifts to the endowment count toward major donor and Arch Klumph Society recognition.




How do I get started?

If you have provided for a gift to The Rotary Foundation in your estate plan, please let us know so the Foundation can express its appreciation for your generosity. When you share that you are one of a growing number of others providing future gifts to the Foundation you may just encourage someone else to follow in your footsteps!

Rotary is pleased to confer Benefactor status on those who commit any amount in their estate plan to the Foundation's Endowment Fund.Benefactors receive special insignia to wear with a Rotary pin and a personalized certificate.

Those who commit to a gift of US$10,000 or more will receive membership in the Bequest Society, which provides special updates, invitations and other materials including an exclusive pin and engraved crystal.

Join the many generous supporters who have made commitments to the future of Rotary through the Endowment Fund by planning your Rotary legacy.

For more information, contact Planned Giving:
The Rotary Foundation
1560 Sherman Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201
Tel: (847) 866-3100
Fax: (847) 556-2178


This publication provides general gift, estate and financial planning information. It is not legal, accounting or other professional advice. For assistance in planning charitable gifts, please use the services of appropriate advisors. Consult an attorney for modifications to or the creation of a will or other legal document. Tax benefits vary per each individual's situation. Some opportunities may not be available in all states. For more information, contact or 847-866-3100.