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April2015 | Engaging the next generation of Rotary leaders
Project “AZMAT” brings dignity to womenin India
Project “AZMAT” brings dignity to women in India

More than 200 Rotaract clubs worldwide submitted projects for Rotary’s 2014-15 Rotaract Outstanding Project Awards. Through these annual awards, Rotary recognizes Rotaract clubs that change lives through innovative, sustainable, and collaborative service that aligns with Rotary’s areas of focus. In all of the projects, Rotaractors turned their innovative ideas into action, and the winning projects show how Rotaract members, together with Rotarians, make a lasting positive impact in their local communities and in our world.

The Rotaract Club of SRCC Panchshila Park (District 3010, India)is this year’s international winner for Project Azmat. The project empowered women who worked as manual scavengers, removing human waste from unsanitary toilets, to build a better future for themselves — a life of “azmat,” meaning “dignity.” Rotaractors, working with community partners, improved the health of the entire community by installing new pit toilets. Liberated from their unsanitary and low-paying work, these hardworking women created their own sustainable business selling soap and detergent. Rotaractors provided literacy and financial management training to help these new entrepreneurs expand their business, market their product, and develop independence. This project shows how a single service project can improve sanitation, build communities, and support basic education and literacy.

Get inspired by our six regional winners:

  • Asia Pacific — The Rotaract Club of Selbe (District 3450, Mongolia) provided clean and safe toilets for children in rural schools. Rotaract members organized multiple fundraisers to purchase a shipping container, which was modified to create an insulated, private, 18-unit facility for more than 1,000 secondary school students.
  • South Asia — The Rotaract Club of The Caduceus (District 3140, India) used its members’ skills as doctors and medical students to address the growing problem of malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, and anemia among children. They provided nutritious and delicious meals through a sustainable and affordable supplementary food program, The Breakfast Revolution.
  • Europe, Middle East, and Central Asia — Rotaract clubs in District 2071 and District2072 (Italy) partnered to develop and implement You Are Not Alone, an antibullying campaign. With help from psychologists and school leaders, they mentored kids on resolving conflict, building empathy, and reinforcing kindness to others.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa — The Rotaract Club of Kisumu (District 9212, Kenya) brought together more than 100 Rotaractors from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda for Rotaract East Africa Impact Project (REACT 2014). Their REACT workshops equipped community health advocates to teach water purification techniques, raise awareness about good hygiene, and educate children about health and safety issues.
  • Latin America — The Rotaract Club of Tijuana Nueva Generación (District 4100, Mexico) pioneered a fun, educational, and inclusive culinary experience called “Cena a Ciegas,” or “Blind Dinner.” Members worked with restaurants to offer a unique experience — a dinner in which participants are blindfolded — to raise funds for educational materials, eyeglasses, and canes for the blind and visually impaired.
  • USA, Canada, and Caribbean — The Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman (District 7020, Cayman Islands) started Project Brown Paper Bag along with the Department of Community Rehabilitation. Rotaractors used bags to provide lunch and encouragement to mental health clients attending required court dates. City officials noted that their decorated lunch bags had a positive impact and improved attendance at the court.

Did your club or district plan an amazing service project, community outreach event, or fundraiser? Inspire others to be outstanding by sharing your story on Rotary Showcase.

Deepen your connection

Advocate for health during World Immunization WeekIsabeli Fontana joins Rotary members in India toimmunize children against polio

April 24-30 is World Immunization Week and a chance to share how you — and Rotary — help protect kids in your community and around the world so they can live healthier lives. Learn how vaccines protect entire communities from the spread of disease and how Rotarians fighting polio slowed the spread of Ebola. Become an end polio advocate in your school and community, organize a fundraiser to support immunization efforts around the world, or volunteer for a project through Rotary Ideas.

RYLA spells success in San SalvadorRYLA spells success in San Salvador

Young leaders from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Panama met at RYLA El Salvador 2015 to discover their leadership potential, make new friends, and learn how to make a difference in their communities. The Rotary clubs of El Salvador joined together to plan a fun-filled Rotary Day fundraiser for the event and showed the community how they invest in future leaders through RYLA. Share how your RYLA event empowers young leaders and creates lasting friendships on our RYLA Facebook page.

Another year of leadership and service is coming soon

The Rotary year is almost over, and it’s time to start thinking about the future. Have you elected a Rotaract or Interact president for the 2015-16 Rotary year? Hold an election now so you can work together to prepare for the new year. Don’t forget to report your 2015-16 club contact so you can stay connected to Rotary and receive all of our information and resources. Current Rotaract presidents and advisers can sign in to to report their information. Everyone can use our Interact and Rotaract update forms. Make your updates by 30 June so you don’t miss out on any communications.

Overheard on social media

Rotary on FacebookMalala Fund is making a documentary to share Malala’s incredible story! Follow them on Facebook to stay updated as the film develops and read more about this inspiring education activist and champion of girls’ rights in The Rotarian Magazine.” — Interact on Facebook

Rotary onVimeo“Around the world, Rotary supports the development of young adults through Rotaract, Interact, Youth Exchange and RYLA. Rotary’s programs help young adults develop leadership skills, make new friends, explore new cultures and give back to their community. Learn more about Rotary’s programs for young leaders.”—Rotary International on Vimeo

Rotary on Instagram“Rotary Scholar alumni Kelsi Cox works in Fiji teaching students to use tablets. ‘By supporting education and embracing technology, we can address poverty and inequality.” — Rotary on Instagram

Spotlight on service: Nevada, USA

School break is the perfect time for serviceBeaver Dam High School Interact Club

On the first Saturday of spring break, most Beaver Dam High School students were sleeping in. Not the members of the Beaver Dam High School Interact Club, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Mesquite in Nevada, USA. These Interact members woke up bright and early to lend their support to a community garden. They rolled up their sleeves to build a new compost bin and get the garden ready for springtime. Thanks to the work of these Interactors, local residents can now plant fruits and vegetables and nourish them with compost from the new bin.


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