Can we ask you a question?

What is your Rotary club doing to engage and empower local students?

Do your students have what it takes to become dynamic leaders and change not only themselves, but the world?

Information for Rotarians...
Send students to RYLA!
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an intensive leadership camp that allows Rotarians to demonstrate respect and concern for youth while recognizing, encouraging, and educating youth leaders.  This camp, for high school students, gives youth the opportunity to develop their skills as effective and responsible leaders while having fun and making connections with peers throughout our Rotary District.
RYLA is not a normal type of award!
What is the Rotary Youth Leadership Award?
Information for students...
To become a RYLA delegate you must show leadership potential in your school, church, extracurricular activities, or your community.  You must be recommended by your principal, guidance counselor, or a Rotarian for an interview by your local Rotary Club RYLA Committee who will select the delegates and alternates.
If you are selected, you will attend your local Rotary Club to become acquainted with the local Rotarians and get a better understanding about Rotary.
Your transportation to and from the camp, and all expenses, will be provided by your local Rotary Club.  The camp will take place April 19-April 21, 2024.
You must (and will want to) attend the ENTIRE camp.  You will experience three exciting days making new friends, learning, competing, and having fun while working to increase your leadership abilities.
You will hear from outstanding humorists and speakers.
You will participate in networking, leadership development exercises, group dynamics and team building initiatives, and problem solving.  This series of mentally and physically challenging situations build group cohesiveness and character, and will give you the opportunity to use your humor, intellect, and problem solving skills.
You will attend and participate in a campfire and be in group skits.
You will not, however, get much sleep!
Get an application and a health form to turn into your principal, guidance counselor, or a Rotarian.
You, too, can experience the adventure!
Really, this is serious fun!
Several people have asked what the experience is like for the students.
Do not take it from us. 
RYLA Alumni will tell you in their own words!
  • “This camp has changed my life.”
  • “This camp has made me realize one person can make a difference.”
  • “I have never been away from home.”
  • “I have never seen stars before.”
  • “I feel like I fit in.”
  • “I want to get involved in my community.”
  • “I want to start an Interact Club.”
  • “I have made friendships to last a lifetime.”
  • “I am so thankful for this opportunity.”
  • “I love the different leadership roles I have learned.”
  • “I will benefit by taking these skills with me forever.”
  • “It was amazing. Best program I’ve ever done!”
  • “Opened my mind to be a stronger communicator and a more cooperative leader.”
  • “I will carry these skills with me throughout my entire life. I have made amazing friends. I will never forget anything about this camp.”
  • “This absolutely changed many of my views on life. I want to HELP people!!!  Thank you so much.”
  • “This camp exceeded my expectations. I am honored to have had this experience and honored to know that I have been selected for a reason.”
  • “I am so thankful for this opportunity. I am truly amazed with this weekend.”
  • “I loved this camp!”
  • “Thank you for this experience. Once in a life time is correct.”
  • “This has been the most life changing positive experience I’ve ever encountered.”
If you are a Rotarian, we hope that your Rotary Club would like to sponsor several students to go to RYLA and look forward to working with you!
If you are a student and want to attend RYLA contact your Interact sponsor, school guidance counselor, or a local Rotarian.  See you at camp!
Kyle Cross and Amber Beatty
Rotary District 6540 RYLA Chairs