As District Governor, I would like to welcome you to Rotary District 5890, comprised of 62 outstanding Rotary Clubs and over 3,000 community service minded Rotarians, located throughout the Greater Houston Area.  District 5890 is one of over 500 districts within Rotary International, which represents over 1.2M Rotarians worldwide.

This year's theme "Reach Within To Embrace Humanity"  inspires us to search within ourselves to understand that all of us have the same dreams, hopes and aspirations.  Then we truly understand the importance of our work.  We want to reach out to non-Rotarians, explain the purpose of Rotary, validate our work as Rotarians, emphasize Rotary's current mission and share the achievements of what we do best.  Click on Welcome To Rotary, and let us share our passion for community service.  If you wonder "Why Should I Be A Rotarian", click on it.

We invite you to explore our website and learn of the various activities & programs of the clubs throughout Rotary District 5890.

Rhonda Walls Kerby
District 5890 Governor 2011-12

 Our purpose is to help our individual clubs advance the Object of Rotary.  We work to promote club effectiveness within our district, specifically:

    * Sustain and increase clubs' membership base;
    * Help clubs implement successful projects that address the needs of their local communities and communities worldwide;
    * Support The Rotary Foundation through both program participation and financial contributions;
    * Develop club leaders capable of serving in Rotary beyond the club level.