United Airline is again donating 10 million frequent flyer miles to a charity.  Rotary Int'l is featured as one of the potential recipients.  This is the third year that United Airlines has offered this benefit to non profit organizations.  For the past 2 years Rotary has come in 2nd place, receiving 2,000,000 frequent flyer miles, and of which Rotary Youth Exchange was delegated by RI 400,000 frequent flyer miles.  I just voted and noticed that currently Rotary is in first place. So please vote now & support Rotary -  www.10millioncharitymiles.com/charity/26
You can vote every day through December.  You can vote from each individual internet connected device. In other words, you can vote from your smart phone, your laptop and your desktop each day.  Easy and fun to do.  Just click on the link (at the bottom of this email), page down to find Rotary, and cast your vote.  At the time you'll notice Rotary's standing in the race for #1.
As we used to say "In Louisiana Politics, Vote Early & Vote Often"  So make sure you vote every day for Rotary, from each of your computers, and hopefully this year we will be number 1.
Merry Christmas to all.