The last Polio case identified in India was certified on January 13, 2011.  So, today we celebrate One Year of Polio Free India!  Many told us it was impossible - there were too many people, they had too many other health problems, many were too hard to get to, many lacked the understanding of vaccines and as recently as 2009, India counted more Polio cases than any other country in the world (741).   We are now that much closer to being "This Close" to ending Polio forever!

RI President Kalyan Banerjee is coming to Houston on February 9, 2012 to celebrate with us.  See his video message about India's first year without Polio here -   Register to attend the District 5890 All Club Meeting with President Banerjee at the Crowne Plaza Hotel - 8585 Kirby Dr. near Reliant Stadium - 6 PM 2/9/12 here -

So, are we done?  No, the greatest risk now is complacency.  India has an aggressive agenda to strengthen routine immunization.  In addition, sensitive surveillance and emergency response plans are in place to detect and swiftly respond to importations until global eradication is achieved.  We will know we are done when there are zero Polio cases world-wide for three years.

See the new even closer "This Close" India video here -

District 5890 Rotarians have given $719,956 toward Polio eradication since 12/1/07.  Donations can now be made on-line here  Keep up the good work!

Terry R. Ziegler
District 5890 Polio Eradication Chair