This whole thing came about because my mother, who is 103 years old is at S.P.J.S.T. Senior Living in Hillje. Richard (Young) and I were talking and I told him how frustrating it was that we haven’t been able to visit her,” said El Campo Rotary Club member, Glenn Frels,  “My sister says she prays every night that my mom does not die before we get to see her again.”
As is the case in the world of Rotary, a great service project is usually the brainchild of one Rotarian that sees a problem, decides to solve that problem, and his fellow Rotarians accomplish the project. That Rotarian is Glenn Frels, and his idea is helping families stay in touch with their loved ones.  This Rotary service project is calming the fears and anxiety that other families are also feeling.
With their purchase and donation of two new laptops, valued at $2,000) the Rotary Club of El Campo is helping senior adults living at the S.P.J.S.T. Senior Living facility stay connected with their loved ones.