Witness the explosive presentations of Flashdance at Houston’s The Hobby Center on June 4 to 16, 2013!  Flashdance, the Broadway musical based on the iconic Paramount movie with the same title, is an electrically-charged stage production that features well-loved songs from the original movie soundtrack and mind-blowing dance choreography. PLAY VIDEO  The SW 59 Sunrise Rotary Club is sponsoring this event as a fundraiser.  You can purchase tickets at www.tuts.com/promo  Enter promo code: rotary



The Hobby Center for Performing Arts, 800 Bigby, Houston TX 77012
Date: Thursday, June 13 2013
Time: 7:30 Play Starts - 6:00 pm optional Dinner (not included) at The Hobby Center Arista Restaurant

Price: (Click on the Flashdance Flyer on the left side of this web page)
Front Orchastra / Mezzanine $68.00
Rear Orchastra / Mazzanine $54.00
Front Gallery $44.00
Rear Gallery $29.20

See the story of Alex Owens, an 18-year old girl from Pittsburg who works at as a dancer at night while working as a welder at daytime in a steel mill. Follow her journey to achieve her dreams and to love deeply despite the odds. This story of love, hope, and perseverance has made Flashdance a modern pop phenomenon that makes it one of the most-anticipated musicals in recent history.