The Space Center Rotary Club will host a Peace Forum entitledPeace through Service Monday evening, Feb. 18, in the UH-Clear Lake Bayou Building Garden Room.  The forum, scheduled from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m., is an effort to further inform the community, by describing actual service projects, of the value and importance of service and how it contributes to promote peace and better understanding among citizens of the world.  Please register that you will attend, click on REGISTER NOW

Speakers will be Pamela Broussard, Rotary Peace Scholar ; Edward D. Pettitt II of the Peace Corps; and Space Center Rotary President-elect Sheryl Berg. 

The idea for the forum came from, Rotary International President Sakuji Tanaka who says his life began to change after he joined Rotary and heard about the idea of vocational service. He realized that by helping others, even in the simplest way, he could help to build peace. 

"We hear about peace every day, but very few of us spend time thinking about what peace really means. The truth is peace means different things to different people. We can define peace as the state of freedom of thought and freedom of choice, harmony in personal relations, absence of war or violent conflicts, security and confidence, and a sense of happiness and inner serenity. 

"Through Rotary service, we connect with people that seem very different from us, yet we begin to understand how much we have in common. Through our service, we all learn that cooperation is more productive than conflict and to value and respect each other."