Last October we organized an morning Social Media Workshop for Rotarians throughout Greater Houston Area, which was held at San Jacinto College, which by the way, overbooked in 3 weeks…  We pulled lots of college Rotaractors & high school Interactors into the event, setting them up as trainers & mentors for the adults. The kids were empowered and the adult "students" learned lots about Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. Several of the adults even suggested that our next event to be an all day event.


Well the results of the event's success hit the Rotary International press today.  Now 1.2M Rotarians in over 200 countries and visitors to the RI website, from around the world, get to read about the success of our event.  Click on the following link:



I am so proud of all the college Rotaractors, high school Interactors and young professionals that helped train "my age group"  And I'm so pleased that Ryan Hyland, the Chicago writer of the article, pushed the young people to the forefront.  They truly are the New Generation Rotarians, the future of Rotary. 

Thanks so much  to DG Rhonda Walls Kerby, Niki Whiteside, Ann Wright, Linda Boggess, Tommie Buscemi and a special thanks to the too many to mention trainers, mentors, volunteers.  Makes me proud and makes all our hard work for Rotary, worth the effort.

Stay tuned for the announced date of the next Social Media Workshop.

Jon R McKinnie
Lt. Governor, District 5890