When Jeri Dulaney was at District Conference this year, she learned that many of the District’s Rotary clubs no longer sang at their meetings.  In Sealy, they love to sing because Frank Lemanski’s songs are always so much fun.  Ask Jean Love about Frank and his wonderful lyrics.  As a club, we wanted to share our songs, so we thought that as an added bonus, we could offer the Great Lemanski’s Rotary Songbook to other clubs if they would make a $30 donation to Polio Plus.  That way they get great songs, and we all help with eradicating polio.

Yes, Frank Lemanski is a member of Sealy Rotary.  He has been writing our weekly songs for the last two years.  Most of the time, he creates a song with a familiar melody and lyrics that fit either that week’s Rotary event, or in the case of this week, it was a song about it being hot and dry to the tune of “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” 

Frank is a jewel.  He volunteers two days a week and hosts the Sealy Playtime Recreation which is for area seniors.  He feeds them (with the help of donations) and they play cards, dominoes, or board games.  It is an activity that was really needed here in Sealy.

So here is the deal:

All a club needs to do is to email Jeri that they would like the songbook and that they are willing to make the $30 donation to Polio Plus (we’ll use the honor system), and she will email them a copy of the songbook.  Jeri's email is jeri.dulaney@blinn.edu 

Because the songs are in electronic format, it will be easy for them to print them off for their members.  Also, since a few of the songs are specific to Sealy, it would be easy for clubs to take out names, events, etc. and put in the appropriate names, events, etc. for their club.  Below is an example of the songs from the songbook, a song Frank wrote during our July transition of presidents for Sealy.    It is sung to the tune of Yellow Rose of Texas.

               " Tim’s term here as our president

                Is fixing to expire

                We all know Jeri Dulaney

                She’s a gal we’ve all admired

                She’ll pick right up where Tim left off

                And lead us for a year

She’s followed by Ms Tyler who will lead us on from there"


                "We want to thank our Presidents

                All current, future, past

                It’s quite a job to have and do

                Directing, what a task

                We love ya’ll and admire you

                God hold you in his arms

                Accept our thanks for memories

                Our club is truly charmed"

To order the songbook or for more information, contact:

Jeri Thornton-Dulaney
Director, Sealy Campus
Blinn College
on campus ext. 2221
off campus 979-627-7997
Fax: 979-627-0830