Congratulations to Galleria Rotarians on their $5000 award for school uniforms to Houston’s Lee High School, which inspired Lee’s journalism students to showcase the Rotary commitment to education and literacy. Budding Lee journalists Juliette Acevedo and Augustin Cantero’s article was published by The River Oaks Examiner Newspaper, as well as in their high school paper, web site, and on Twitter, according to journalism instructor and yearbook advisor David Fanucchi. Noting that the new uniforms will feature Rotary's logo on the sleeve, the youthful literati wrote . . . 


“The Rotary Club of the Galleria Area made a $5,000 donation to Lee High School during their weekly luncheon at the Galleria Tennis and Athletic Club. . . . Principal Jonathan Trinh . . . earmarked [the award] for new school uniforms [and] . . . plans on adding the Galleria Rotary Club logo to the left sleeve of the Lee High School uniform shirt . . . ."  Photo, from left, GRC President Chuck Finnell; GRC member Gretchen Kasper-Hoffman; Lee HS Principal Jonathan Trinh; and GRC Director Graham Sharp.

By Juliette Acevedo and Agustin Cantero (Special to The Examiner), River Oaks Examiner Article continues . . . “I am very excited to have these funds that will go towards an important purpose at our school,” said Trinh. “We really appreciate our relationship with the Rotary Club at the Galleria, as this money will allow our students to have more than one shirt to wear to school on a daily basis.”  The school uniform policy at Lee actually began in 2011, three years prior to Trinh’s arrival. But he has carried on the policy and enjoys seeing the benefits of the dress code, because he believes it helps with school discipline and gives students a better understanding of their daily responsibilities, such as always being prepared and taking care of their uniform properly.

The Galleria Rotary Club’s affiliation with Lee goes back quite a long ways, as several members of the club have had their children attend Lee, and past president and current member Martin Bailey graduated from the school. In addition, the GRC has a strong presence on campus with a very active student-run Lee Interact Club, and current member Gretchen Kaspar-Hoffman is the Principal at Grady Middle School, which is a feeder school to Lee. “The motive for our club in donating the funds was because we have strong local ties to Lee, and one of our members is an alumni,” said Graham Sharp, director of the GRC. “We feel like if we don’t continue to take care of our youth, we are not taking care of our purpose. Without the Rotary Club focusing on the kids, there just won’t be many future Rotarians.” The GRC meets every Monday at 12 noon at the Galleria Tennis and Athletic Club. Community leaders and businesses in the West Loop area looking to get involved can attend a meeting or call Membership Chairman Harvey Heller at 713-871-2042.