Dear District 5890:
It is Mine and Debbie’s honor and privilege to serve as your District Governor and First Lady for 2017-2018. 
During the previous 2+ years leading up to now, I’ve visited many clubs and met many Rotarians.  I’ve witnessed firsthand your passion for Serving Humanity.  I’m in awe of and inspired by all that you do.  I am thankful to be a member of our great Rotary District.  A District referred to during PETS training this past February by Rotary International Vice President Jennifer Jones as a “Kick Ass” District.  Yes, Jennifer, we are.  And we’re proud of it too!
Our 2017-18 Theme is “Rotary Making A Difference.”  We’re going to “Make A Difference” by emphasizing Membership Growth, Engagement and Retention.  We will work especially hard on attracting young and diverse new members without leaving behind new members with a little more “seasoning.”  We will engage our new members and re-engage those veteran members that may feel left by the wayside.  For engagement and participation are the secrets to retention.  And retention is the key to membership growth.  We’re going to “Make A Difference” doubling down on our Foundation Giving by hosting a Million Dollar Dinner held on January 27, 2018 with RI President Ian Riseley as our Keynote Speaker.   And we’re going to bolster our PR/PI Campaign using the new slogan “People of Action” to make sure everyone in our community knows we are Rotarians and that what we do is “Making A Difference” in people’s lives.  
I look forward to working with you in these areas of opportunity for our District and in “Making A Difference” in our communities through Rotary Service.  If my leadership team or I can be of any assistance to you or your club, please do not hesitate to call upon us.  We exist to assist you!              
DG Bill and Debbie