We have a great opportunity to get boots on the ground and staff the volunteers at the Harris County NRG location and at the various Methodist Hospital locations.  District Governor Scott Rainey has sent emails to all 5890 Rotarians for both opportunities on February 25th.  Please help to support this effort in your location and around the district. 
Photo on right is DG Scott Rainey at the Methodist Hospital ready to volunteer as a trained Rotary Volunteer at their COVID-19 process.  #ServeLikeAChampionToday!
Rotary volunteers are needed starting Monday, March 1st through April 24th.
All questions should be sent to:  Vicki Brentin, Rotary District 5890 Vaccine Volunteer Coordinator, Email:  vbrentin@gmail.com
HDD - NRG Stadium Location:        Rotary District 5890
We can be a leader in our community and have great exposure with our Rotary branding.  Please see, and share the links below for each opportunity with Rotarians and other groups you are affiliated with.


Houston Health Department Volunteer at the NRG Stadium location. 

Below is information and link "BUTTON" on how to register to be a Houston Health Department Volunteer at the NRG location. 


The very first step is to Register.   The Registration process will identify you as a Rotary 5890 Volunteer. This includes any  non – Rotary friends/family or others you partner with in community service that you extend this opportunity to.  Please keep in mind as you do extend this opportunity to others they will be representing Rotary 5890. 

We are asking that, if possible, when you volunteer you wear a Rotary shirt and/or your Rotary badge or at least a name badge you prepare that identifies you as a Rotary Volunteer.  (not required, but helpful)

While the City offers volunteer opportunities to others such as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo – they are giving Rotary an exclusive opportunity “First” to fill these slots.  Thus, it is critical that people register as quickly as possible.  Once they get your info, they will begin contacting volunteers Saturday (February 27th) morning with more details and give you the opportunity to actually sign up. Please note for THIS opportunity the request is that you commit for at least one day a week (or multiple days) to reduce the training/orientation.  If Rotary does not meet the need , they will then open to others (and I am told that they fill up in just minutes).  So Rotary PLEASE – lets show them what we can do!

Volunteers needed 7 days a week, beginning Monday, March 1st through April 24th at NRG Stadium.
The Houston Health Department needs 8 (2- bilingual) volunteers Monday-Sunday beginning Monday, March 1 - April 24th at NRG Park.   Essential we would like to have volunteers commit to help out at least one day a week to help reduce the training process.
You will receive just-in-time training for your job duties when you arrive.  
Please see the below details:

START DATEMonday, March 1, 2021

END DATE: April 24, 2021

DURATION7:00 AM – 6:30 PM

THE NEED: Duties: Confirm and assist with scheduling clients, Standing all day, Tech savvy, comfortable dress, wear sunblock

LOCATION: NRG – One NRG Park, Houston, TX 77054

SAFETY: If indicated, appropriate personal protective equipment will be issued on site.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS Lunch and snacks will be provided. Please plan accordingly if you have special dietary restrictions. 

All questions should be sent to:
Vicki Brentin, Rotary District 5890 Vaccine Volunteer Coordinator