The PURPLE PINKIE PROJECT IS COMING, and our District 5890 Interact clubs need your support in this fundraising effort for PolioPlus!  Last year, our D5890 Interactors collectively raised over $13,000 for PolioPlus, and they want to exceed that amount this year.   The Purple Pinkie Project has been selected again by our Interact district officers to be our "Group District 5890 Interact Fundraising Challenge Project" during the first semester of school.  This announcement was made at the District 5890 Interact Club Round-Up (District Assembly) on September 24th by Interact District Governor, Eduardo Belalcazar.  100% of the funds that the D5890 Interact clubs collectively raise will be donated to Rotary's PolioPlus program.
Millions and millions of children and their parents in polio endemic countries know that a freshly painted purple pinkie means freedom from polio.  When our local school children make a $1.00 contribution during Purple Pinkie Project day, D5890 Interactors will paint their pinkies with the same Gentian Violet Ink used around the world on a National Immunization Day.  

To create awareness about World Polio Day during the week of October 24th, and beyond, our D5890 Interactors are encouraged to hold Purple Pinkie Projects at local elementary and middle schools, at their own high school, plus at community events.  This will create public awareness that polio still exists in our world, and also about Rotary's unrelenting role to eradicate the disease.  

If schools prefer not to use the ink, a purple yarn bracelet, purple temporary hair color spray, purple glitter sprinkled in their hair, or even purple nail polish on the pinkie finger can be done.   Whichever method is used, it will be that child's personal symbol that their contribution has helped free another child from polio forever, which makes them a "Polio Hero."  

Interactors are encouraged to attend the meeting of their sponsoring Rotary club to give more "purple pinkies", so please be generous when they come to your club.  Please ask Interactors to visit your club so they can give a presentation about the Purple Pinkie Project.  It would be great if Rotary clubs would consider matching the funds that the Interact club collects so our District 5890 Interactors can reach their goal of over $13,000.00.

With your help, we can make polio only the 2nd disease wiped off the face of the earth! (What was the 1st?  Small Pox)

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