First, I'm happy to report that 58 of our 61 District 5890 Clubs have already made a donation to The Rotary Foundation (the Annual Fund or Polio Plus) this Rotary Year.  See the attached MCR Report to see how your club is doing so far.  Remember that fifty percent of the donations we make this year will come back to our District in the 2016-17 Rotary Year.  Our District's Paul Harris Society (those pledging to donate $85+ per month to the Annual Fund and/or PolioPlus) continues to grow.  Please encourage your members to join.  An anonymous Rotarian has agreed to match the first $1,000 donated by all new Paul Harris Society Members this year.   Click on this story heading to learn more about the District Foundation activities...


PolioPlus - despite some setbacks in re-infected countries, continues to make progress and new plans are underway to increase the quality of routine childhood immunizations in countries still threatened by Polio.  You will be hearing more PolioPlus news in the coming weeks.  

In addition, we just received $98,832 from The Rotary Foundation to reimburse each club which was awarded a 2013-14 District Grant.  Remember to complete your final report when your District Grant Project is complete for reimbursement. 

Our District has over $1 Million in Global Grants under way or in the works - including a Vocational Training Team of 6 medical professionals from Uganda which were here for the last two weeks training at Texas Children's Hospital thanks to Baylor College of Medicine.  The other half of the VTT will be arriving here to train in March.  Special thanks to Bill Davis, Ed Pettitt, and Jack Wallace for all of their work to make  this VTT such a success.

And last but certainly not least, five outstanding Global Grant Scholar Applicants were selected this past week.  They are Michelle Heard (sponsored by the Houston Skyline R/C), Alexandra Sutherland (sponsored by the Space Center R/C), Jesus Sotelo (sponsored by the University Area R/C), Sarita Panchang (Sponsored by the Harrisburg R/C), and Melody Tan (Sponsored by the West U R/C).  Congratulations to each Scholar Applicant and their sponsoring club! 

Thanks for your continuing support of Our Rotary Foundation!         

Terry R. Ziegler
District 5890 Rotary Foundation Committee Chair