The next trip planned to Guerrero Clinic will be Apr 2-7 2013.  There will be a group of doctors and eye specialists heading a group of Rotarians, which is always an anxiously awaited event for the locals.  Whether this is your first trip or next of many, you will always enjoy a very rewarding experience.  Whether you will attend this trip or won't be able to make this trip, the Guerrero Clinic needs your assistance.  The eyeglass center which has provided thousands of glasses really needs additional glasses inventory.  Please accept our invitation to join us in our passion for this noble effort as we create miracles in the lives of thousands of people in rural Mexico and around the world.  Click on this story heading for more details.
When we began edging lenses for our 30 year old Rotary driven clinics in Guerrero, Mexico, our volunteer opticians coined the name "Crystal Crafters".  They then made a sign that said "Glasses in About an Hour".  After having their eyes professionally examined and their prescription in hand, many patient's sight is restored with prescription glasses or surgery.  Many more miracles will happen if other Rotary Clubs embrace this passion and join us in the making of these miracles.  From personal experience, we can tell you that there is no greater fulfillment than observing the expressions of a poor soul who discovers they can see again.

Across the years, it has processed 450,000 pairs of used eyeglasses, preparing them for global reissue through Rotary and other mission minded organizations.  To help offset this enormous loss, a number of us in the area of Freeport-Clute-Lake Jackson, TX, have built a new optical lab.  Here's why we need your help.  It takes about 10 pair of used eyeglasses to get 3 re-usable pairs.  That's lots of glasses!!  Please consider how your club can help.

Drives for used eyeglasses can be organized and published.

Collection boxes can be placed in public places with appropriate signage.  Churches, optical shops, medical offices and hospitals will often provide space for these collection boxes.

If your club sponsors a Rotaract or Interact Club, they can really buy into this project with lots of energy.

You might even ask Lions Clubs, if their members know what happens to the eyeglasses they collect.  It is surprising that many do not know and would be glad to see them put to a sure use.

If you have opticians, optometrists or ophthalmologists in your club who would assist us, we need professionals to examine eyes, perform surgery or make glasses.  Ask them to call, Tom Pruett (979) 297-2020 or Walter Branson (979) 297-1970