I have just received a phone call from Newtown Rotary Club, thanking us for our interest and concern over the Sandy Hook Disaster. The first thing I was asked to do, is to pass on the club’s warmest thanks and appreciation of our response, to D5890 and our members.

As you can imagine, Newtown has had a very busy week putting things together and trying to bring some sort of organization to the myriad offers of help and financial support which have poured in from all over the world. United Way has offered to help organize and audit  ‘distribution’ and has stepped up to the plate with promises of full 100% pass through of all funds they raise. The club has been at the forefront of discussions with Newtown’s First Selectman (Lady Mayor), the town council and other civic leaders, as everyone bands together to first provide immediate help with funerals and families, and then move the community forward.


I asked about plans for disbursements and memorials etc., and was told that their website now has a fully detailed page itemizing all information about the fund; the link is shown below. Newtown will make sure their site is regularly updated to the Rotary family.


I also commented on statements that we are hearing locally, that say there are doubts about Sandy Hook Elementary School Campus ever re-opening. As I said yesterday, immediate plans are to relocate the children to Monroe, the next community to the South East. This is probably short term, as the alternate school is in another ISD.

However interestingly enough, in the light of our recent ‘Wounded Warrior Homes’ events in West Houston, I was told that the ‘Extreme Makeover Team from ABC TV is being approached, with a view to designing a ‘makeover’ for the damaged classrooms, hallways and entrance areas. There is talk of them incorporating some form of memorial to the 26 children and Teachers within the school building. I mentioned the Houston project and was told that they had seen the programs!

Hopefully as you can discern, and as it should, life is beginning to pick up again with folks talking about future plans of long term rebuilding and the establishment of educational scholarships to be given in the students’ names. There were 5 more funerals today, tomorrow marks a week since the tragedy. As hoped for, things appear publicly to be returning to normal.