The Game of Real Life is an award winning, 100-hour financial, career and college planning curriculum.  The students attend classes over a three or four week period where they use critical thinking, team building and leadership skills to create an expectation for their lives. 

The Rotary Club of Galleria Area invites you to play with us in the Game of Real Life.  Career Mentors are needed on June 21, 22, 23, July 5, 6 & 7 to have lunch with the students and share your life experiences.  Also we need Rotary members and friends to be interviewers of the students from 8am to noon on July 15 and some to stay and train the students for a business model in the game on the afternoon of July 15.  On July 16, the students will be Rotary employees managed by Rotary volunteers. 



Each year 30,000 students drop out of Houston area high schools.  The loss of their human capital costs our economy billions.  And for the students, the overwhelming majority are expected to have lives of poverty and/or incarceration.

Few programs have been able to change this outcome until today.  The Game of Real Life is a Houston based, financial education program.  Over the past five years 100% of the Game graduates have completed high school and 97.6% have entered college.  The Game has impacted the lives of at-risk, economically disadvantaged youth and it is our objective to expand the program to serve more students.

Following the course, the students compete in a 20-hour program at the George R. Brown Convention Center.  In this competition they must interview for jobs, be trained and then "age" from 19-26, in one hour intervals as they work, pay bills, file tax returns, buy homes, cars, insurance and make real life decisions.

Following the game is a dinner, recognizing the students and sponsors.
The students will share the message of Rotary programs for teens to the 500 students in the game, welcome visitors and press, video-tape volunteers, collaborate with the Rockets logistics team to keep the game running on time, create and conduct life events (like car wrecks, house fire, winning the lottery), perform weddings, and create a newsletter of Rotary's involvement in the Game of Real Life.

We need your help.  Please sign up on these sites and if you have questions, please call Lorraine at Skills For Living, the "supreme Game Master" at 713-782-9974.
ALL GAME VOLUNTEERS – Career mentors, interviewers, trainers, managers

If any of you would like to be an instructor in the Game, please email Lorraine at  The Game is looking for 4 amazing instructors. Training is June 6-11.

INSTRUCTOR – For college graduates