Fox News has a current series called, "26 Random Acts of Kindness", featuring Houstonians who go beyond the call of duty to assist those less fortunate than us.  Sounds like work for a Rotarian!!!  No surprise when Northshore Rotarian Jim Mills and his wife, Linda, are featured in "Emily Gets Her Class Ring", gifting a high school ring to a daughter & mother who could not afford to pay.  Click on the following link to see the Fox News "26 Random Acts of Kindness"

Story as told by Jim & Linda Mills, owners of Pineforest Jewelers

In March of this year Gwendolyn ordered a Gold Lance ring for her daughter, Emily, pictured above with Diamond Jim.  Emily attended Kashmere High School.  Gwendolyn was able to make a $100 down payment.  We normally will not order a ring until ½ is paid.  But this was an exception.  We have been attempting to contact Gwendolyn regarding making a payment.  We told her that, unfortunately, the ring would have to be returned to the factory and her down payment lost, in the event she could not make it in.  Unable to reach her by phone, we were able to contact her by mail recently.  At that time we had no idea of Gwendolyn's predicament.

We discovered that Emily’s mother, Gwendolyn, has had five strokes in the past year, and is unable to work.  Unbeknownst to us Gwendolyn was paralyzed on the left side, but is now able to get around due to therapy.  She told me last week that she is able to ride Metro, and is currently looking for a job even though she is apparently still handicapped to some degree.  Upon speaking to Emily we discovered that she, too, has had her share of problems.  She has had operations for two brain tumors in the last two years.  This class ring meant so much to her, as it was the symbol of her accomplishment of graduating in spite of her problems.  Her mom was determined to get this ring... but simply did not know how to manage it.

This is a sad case, and touched all of us here at Pineforest Jewelry.  As a 30-year member of the North Shore Rotary Club… with a motto of “Service Above Self”… my wife, Linda, and I decided that Gwendolyn and Emily would be one of this year’s Christmas projects.

Linda and I have partnered with Gold Lance Class Rings in  helping us make this ring a Christmas surprise for Gwendolyn and Emily.  As Pineforest Jewelry has always done, we wish to spread our attitude toward giving… especially at this time of year.

To Gwendolyn and Emily… from the entire staff at Pineforest Jewelry… and from Kevin and the wonderful folks at Gold Lance Class Rings… Merry Christmas to you!

Gwendolyn is a private duty home health care provider.  If anyone can use Gwendolyn’s help… please get in touch with me and I’ll get you in touch with her.  Emily needs a job as well so she can continue with a college education.  Although not certified, Emily also has much training in home health care as she has cared for her mom through five strokes.  They want to work… and YOU might be able to make their Christmas even better!

This story was picked up by Isiah Carey of Channel 26 News.  We were interviewed by Damali Keith.  The story ran on the 5 o’clock news, as well as 9 o’clock, as one of FOX's " 26 Random Acts of Kindness" series.  To view the broadcast, click here…