Houstonians have one last chance to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour this morning. The piggy-backed shuttle will take off from Ellington Field at dawn and then do low flybys over Houston just after 7am.  Endeavour will then swing by the state capitol in Austin around 8am and then perform a series of flybys at other NASA sites before landing in Los Angeles tonight.  If you're out early enough, you may see it as it leaves. The shuttle will eventually land in Los Angeles where it will go on display at a museum. Endeavour arrived in Houston from Florida yesterday morning. Before landing, the shuttle took a tour of Houston. http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/story?section=news/local&id=8817624
There were heavy crowds as the day progressed to see Endeavour, with some saying they waited an hour and a half in traffic yesterday.

Houstonians got a glimpse of Endeavour as it flew over several landmarks, like the San Jacinto Monument, the Johnson Space Center and Reliant Stadium. Endeavour landed in Ellington Field where it went on display for the public.

Houston may not have gotten a shuttle, but we did get a shuttle replica. And it's scheduled to go on exhibit this fall. The full scale mockup of space shuttle Explorer was moved to Houston back in June. Lots of people turned out for its big move. Explorer will be housed at Space Center Houston. When the exhibit opens, visitors will be able to go inside the wooden replica.