Rotary District 5890 will conduct two service projects while in Cozumel for the 2014 District Conference.  We have selected two organizations in Cozumel as the recipients of this year’s District Service Project, “el Centro de Autismo” and “el Centro de Manos y Voces”. This is our opportunity to help the community in Cozumel. These projects also counts towards the Clubs’ requirements to receive the  Rotary Presidential Citation Award.
Our District Governor suggests for each club to contribute at least an average of $5.00 dollars per member. Please make your Club’s check for the total contribution to “Rotary District 5890” for Service Project and mail it to “Rotary District 5890, 3525 Preston Ave. Pasadena TX 77505, before January 31 2014. We would appreciate if you can send your check by the end of January since our plans are to present the money to the Cozumel Rotary Club before the District Conference Cruise. We then expect to see the results of our contribution when we visit Cozumel in May during the District Conference.
Please click on the following link: to see more about the projects.

For more details, contact  Space Center's Past President, Mike Hernandez, Cozumel Projects Coordinator -

  Also attached you will find a document with details and photos on each project.  Please consider supporting the services being provided by these two organization and their needs when submitting your club’s contribution towards the District Service Project.
This, non for profit organization is dedicated to the diagnostic and treatment of  children, with Autism and other inabilities related to intellectual and psychological development. The activities at the center are focus on improving the ability to learn and to have good behavior, such that the child can adapt and participate in (school) society and be a productive person in the community.
The center is directed by a lady lawyer who shares regular work hours with her voluntary work at the center. They are actually treating 35 children. There are normally 8 to 12 children treated at a time by 3 to 4 trained therapists. A child may be at the center from 2 to 4 hours and the center is open from 9am till about 8pm. They are not supported by any institution and depend mostly on the nominal amount they charge their patients plus donations. They have  been in operation since 2001, but in 2008 established relations with la Association de Ayuda al Nino con Trastornos en el Desarrollo (ASTRA) of Cancun in order to obtain reduced cost training for their therapists in providing the proper treatments. They are recognized by the Clinica Mexicana del Autismo as  providers of analysis and treatment of autism. They do not use any medication as part of the treatment.
What I have been calling a center is actually three small rented rooms in a very modest one story building. The administrative office of about 8’X10’ (no air cond.), a small 8’X8’ rubber covered floor room, and the larger room of about 15’X15’ is the therapy room, which has an old window air conditioning unit.
Needs are:  (estimated cost)
·        Having their provided services qualified and patients’ improvement evaluated as required at least once a year. This service is performed by a Dr. in Psychology at an estimated cost of $7,000pesos ($580-USD)
·        Attendance of the psychologist and a therapist to the yearly recurring training in Monterrey, Mexico at a cost of $15,000pesos ($1,250-USD)
·        Attendance of 2 therapists to up-to-date training in Cancun as required for their continuous qualifications, at a cost of $5,000pesos ($420-USD)
·        Scholarships for 5 Autistic children whose families do not have the economic capability to contribute to any portion of the cost. $3,000pesos per month or $36,000pesos per year ($250-USD per month or $3,000-USD per year)
·        Improvement of the facilities, including two new window air conditioners, one filing cabinet, two book cases, two toy chests, four window curtains, and interior painting. All at the estimated cost of $26,900pesos ($2,240-USD)
·        Six different sets of teaching material games at the cost of $1,390pesos ($120-USD)
·        Administrative and Operational material and equipment including one video camera, one 22” screen, one blu-ray wi fi, one photographic camera, large white board, ink for printer, and variety of coloring material. At the estimated cost of $14,690pesos ($1,225USD)
TOTAL ESTIMATED COST $105,980pesos ($8,835-USD)
For information purposes, the average monthly cost of operation, including salaries to psychologists, therapists, assistant, rent, accounting, utilities, etc is of $22,700pesos ($1,890-USD)
Manos y Voces (Hands and Voices) is a non-profit organization which depends mainly on public donations and results of collections from funds raising. Their primary objective is to promote the early detection of the loss of hearing, make available hearing aids needed, provide the proper hearing and speech therapy, including sign language, according to the severity of the hearing loss and the child’s age, and provide the professional and human services to obtain their integration in society.
This organization, that started providing services in 2008, is housed in a four bedroom facility and consists of an office and three areas for therapy and training. It is planned that one of the rooms will contain an audio/sound detection cabin for the early detection of hearing loss.
The Center is presently providing training and therapy to 23 persons ranging in age from 2 to 39 years old. In addition, they also provide sign language training and consultation to members of the family. 

The Center expects to provide more reaching services to the members of the community once the audio/sound detection cabin is completed.

Their needs are: (cost estimated)
1.    Transportation and housing for an Audio-therapist to attend training required to maintain their certification up to date at a cost of $3,500-pesos  ($ 290-USD)
2.    Equipment for language therapy room including an air conditioner, and one table and 4 chairs at a cost of $9,600pesos ($800-USD)
3.    Insulation for Audio-sound cabin, including installation of insulation and of electronic equipment at a cost of $4,600-pesos   ($380-USD)
4.    Operating and Administrative material including one large white board and several sets of markers, box of letter size paper, ink for printer, a 22”video screen, and several sets of teaching material at the cost of $12,100pesos ($1,010-USD)

Total Cost----------------------------------------------$29,800-pesos ($2,480-USD)

For information purposes, the annual cost of operation of the Center is:

  Language Therapist salary----------------$ 67,200-pesos or $ 5,600-USD
  Sign language teacher----------------------$ 24,000-pesos or $ 2,000-USD
  Electricity, telephone, cleaning, etc.----$ 16,500-pesos or $1,375-USD
 Rent-------------------------------------------- $ 42,000-pesos or  $3,500-USD

Total annual cost:-------------------------------$149,700pesos or $12,475-USD