Posted on Jul 16, 2018
Rotary District 5890 Public Image Toolkit
August Monthly Theme: Membership and New Club Development
Messaging focus:
·        Highlight “People of Action” campaign
o   The People of Action campaign is not limited to August but is a great campaign to launch and utilize to promote membership.
·        Internal focus to bring a guest to a social, project or meeting
·        Benefits of joining Rotary
·        Utilize updated materials
·        Use #PeopleofAction
Call to Action: Use phrases at the end of your posts, ads, etc. to connect prospective members to the next step.
·        Learn more by….
·        Attend a meeting on DAY at TIME AM/PM at LOCATION
·        Visit our website at ….
What is the People of Action Campaign?
Although most of the public knows our name, our latest research tells us that too many prospective members or supporters do not fully understand Rotary. They don’t know what we stand for and what we do in local communities. And nearly 60 percent of those surveyed said they were unaware that a Rotary club exists in their own community.
Now is the time to take the next step in telling our story. The People of Action public image campaign strives to bring the Rotary story to life for those who don’t know us. It does this by showing Rotarians as the people of action we are: leaders who work together in communities to inspire, transform, connect, and celebrate what’s possible. Individuals who get things done and have a great time working, growing, and learning together. This campaign also motivates, engages, and inspires current and prospective members, as well as donors, partners, and supporters.
Club Suggested Actions:
·        Update club brochures for this Rotary year and utilize during campaign
·        Use social media at least once a week to focus on a monthly theme
o   You can use tools included here or your own
o   You can share from the District page
o   You can schedule posts to go out so you don’t have to try and remember
·        Update website with monthly theme focus
·        Talk about monthly theme at club meetings, socials and projects
·        Share pictures of Rotarians in your club in action
·        Send Club leadership to the District Membership Seminar
·        Utilize these sample messages (add your own club details and picture) on social media or use your own:
o   Together, We Connect.  With over 60 clubs across the Greater Houston area, you can find a place to make an impact in your community and across the globe. Visit our club….. #PeopleofAction
o   Together, We Transform. During Hurricane Harvey, local Rotarians helped transform the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey by donating funds, mucking homes, sheltering neighbors, giving meals and more. To transform your community join us at our next project…..  #PeopleofAction
o   Together, We Inspire. Members of Rotary mentor children at local schools and non-profits. To join us and inspire others contact…. #PeopleofAction
o   Together, We End Polio. Learn more about our fight against polio and how you can make a difference by contacting….. #PeopleofAction
·        Social media tips for creating your own posts:
o   If you’re posting a People of Action image or digital ad on your club’s social media page, you don’t need to refer to your club — viewers are on your page. But if you’re posting to reshare with others, you can identify your club by selecting a headline to match your image and place the campaign logo lockup on the bottom of the ad. Instead of including your body copy and call to action in the ad itself, write them as part of your social media post. Be sure to link your call to action and use the #PeopleofAction hashtag to increase awareness.
o   Post on social media. Creating People of Action posts for your social media pages is simple. Think of how to tell your story (see the full People of Action Campaign guide for ideas). Focus on one of the highlighted people of action areas (Connect, Transform, Inspire, End polio) for each social media post. Your copy should be concise, focused, and easy to understand. To post images, follow these steps:
1. Select the headline you used from the choices available.
2. Select the image you used for your ad. You can add your own or choose from the images available.
3. Write your post, keeping your copy concise and focused. Be sure to include a call to action, such as telling your audience to go to your club website and providing the link.
4. Use the #PeopleofAction hashtag to increase discovery on your social media pages.
·        Video tip: Share campaign videos on the Rotary club and district websites. To add a video to your club or district website, go to to obtain a link for streaming and follow your website’s posting process. You can also play the videos on a continuous loop at your Rotary events.
Additional Support Materials:
·        The full People of Action Campaign Guide
·        Videos:
·        The following are available to download from Rotary Brand Center People of Action. Click on the item and press the yellow download, add to basket or share via email or click the checkbox next to the item, add to your basket, when done you can go to your basket at the top of the webpage and download.
o   Video direct downloads with different lengths
o   Additional pictures
o   Additional logos
o   Ads: Radio, billboard, transit, online and print ads
o   Designs for backdrops and rollup banners