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March 2, 2020
To qualify for either a 2020-21 District Grant or a Global Grant, the club must have (1) the 2020-21 President, and (2) at least one other member, attend Grants Training. Some club members already received Grants Training at President Elect Training Seminar (P.E.T.S.) earlier this year.
Grants Training will be conducted thru the “Learning Center” on the Rotary International website: The Grant Management Seminar consists of three Modules. Each module has a short video. Watch the video.
Each Module has a Review Quiz. Complete the Review Quiz. It will allow you to correct your answers.
That’s it for you! You do not need to let us know you completed the course. We will retrieve the information from the Learning Center. We will then give your club the appropriate Grant Management Seminar training credit.
Now, there are two ways D5890 Rotarians can access the course:
Option 1 . . . Direct Link:
  1. Access the direct link    
  2. Sign in with your MyRotary credentials and you’ll be redirected to the learning plan
Option 2 . . . Find the course under My Dashboard:
  1. Access
  2. Sign in your MyRotary credentials
  3. Click on the menu icon ≡ at the top left corner
  4. Select My Dashboard
  5. Access the learning plan from My Courses and Learning Plans
(1) Rotary International launched the new Learning Center platform in August 2018. The direct link will not work for you if you have not visited the Learning Center since then.
(2) There is a PDF document on the left-hand side of this webpage entitled, “Access to the Learning Center Troubleshooting”
Contact me if you have any questions.
Wally Kronzer
District 5890 Stewardship Subcommittee 2019-21