April 26, 2016 - April 29, 2018
Hyatt Regency Riverwalk
123 Losoya St.
San Antonio, Texas 78205
How about a Road Trip to San Antonio?  What will you see in San Antonio?  What would "Paul Harris" say about our conference?
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Continue reading to learn more about the conference, and DG Bill Palko's two Service Projects for Veterans!

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Rotary District Conference Service Projects for Veterans in San Antonio

Our District 5890 has a tradition of doing a service project to benefit the local community where our conference is held, and DG Bill Palko has selected two outstanding District Conference Service Projects that will benefiting military patients receiving treatment in San Antonio.
Project 1:  Building a Therapeutic Labyrinth for veterans with Traumatic Brain Injuries, and PTSD
Project 2:  Gift Cards & Care Bags filled with personal items for patients at the VA Hospital in San Antonio
(Above:  Photo of the Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital, San Antonio)
Service Projects Contacts:  Charlie & Tommie Buscemi - Email: or 713-598-7129 (Cellular)
The have visited this VA hospital and met with the hospital's Volunteer Specialists, and toured the facility.  If you or your Rotary club are contributing funds for the Therapeutic Labyrinth at the Polytrauma Transitional Rehabilitation Program (PTRP), one of only five facilities in the country designed to help a Veteran or service member with traumatic brain injuries or polytrauma, please send Charlie an email so he can keep DG Bill Palko updated about clubs and Rotarians contributing. Contributors will be announced during our conference.

Veteran Project #1 - Therapeutic Labyrinth for Veteran's Suffering with Traumatic Brain Injury (click for details)

(Below:  Photo is from inside the PTRP building looking out onto the front entrance where the "Rotary D5890 Therapeutic Labyrinth" will be built including Rotary District 5890 signage, landscaping, benches, lighting, etc)
(Click here for details):  District 5890's Theraputic Labyrinth for Veterans will be built at the front entrance of the Polytrauma Transitional Rehabilitation Program (PTRP), which is an off-site 12-room transitioning veteran's facility in San Antonio. It is one of only 5 facilities of its kind here in the USA, and our project will help military patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries.  There will a permanent recognition plaque recognizing Rotary District 5890.
  • Cost:  $20,000  This will be built in the front of the facility (see above photo on left, and click here for full description).  This therapy project has been on the “wish list” of the South Texas Veterans Health Care System, but could not be built due to a lack of funding.  They said this would be “an impactful donation of great value as it would be long-lasting” due to the fact that the PTRP facility helps military patients live independently while still receiving therapy to learn the skills needed to successfully reintegrate back into the community after their multiple injuries. 
  • Purpose of Project:  Walking a labyrinth is a type of moving meditation for patients at the facility which can clear their mind for facing life’s challenges.  The spiritual benefits of walking a labyrinth include sensory awakening, reconnecting with self, sense of destination, restoration, and safety.  A “Rotary District 5890” recognition plaque will be placed near the labyrinth. 
  • How can you or your Rotary club help?  Make a contribution by issuing a check payable to:   District 5890 Charities, Inc., c/o Jackie Barmore, 3525 Preston Ave., Pasadena, TX 77505.

Veteran Project #2 - "Comfort Gift Bags" for Veteran's at the VA Hospital in San Antonio (click for list

(Below:  Photo of the Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital, San Antonio)
“200 Gift Bags filled with Comfort Items for Veterans” for the patients at the
  • Items needed (click here for list of items)
  • Gift Cards ($10-$20) - Many veterans don't have funds to pay bus fare to get to their doctor's appointment at the VA Hospital, or for meals.  
  • Socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant (travel size), body wash (no bar soap), mouthwash (must be alcohol free), underwear (various sizes of briefs/boxers are needed).
  • Word Search and/or puzzle books, Puzzles, coloring books, crayons, automatic pencils
  • Visit this VA Hospital during our District Conference:  On Friday, April 27th, a group of 35 District 5890 Rotarians will be transported via vans (courtesy of the San Antonio Rotarians) to this VA hospital for an opportunity to visit patients, plus deliver much need comfort items that we’ll pack into bags.  Gift bags will be given to the patients, plus we'll leave additional bags that the hospital staff will distribute to patients.  SPACE IS LIMITED ON THE VAN AND AT THE HOSPITAL, so contact Charlie Buscemi to reserve your space!
  • How your club can help:  Collect $10-$20 gift cards (American Express, Visa, etc.) and other items on the list, and bring them to our District Conference Registration Desk in the hotel when you arrive in San Antonio.  We’ll collect the items and pack them into bags which we’ll take to the hospital on Friday, April 27th.
  • Service Projects Contacts:  Charlie and Tommie Buscemi - Email: or 713-598-7129 (Cellular). If you or your Rotary club are contributing funds for the labyrinth, please send Charlie an email so he can keep DG Bill Palko updated about clubs and Rotarians making contributions so they can be announced during our conference.