The Houston Club
910 Louisiana Street
49th Floor of One Shell Plaza
Houston, TX 77002
United States of America
Rendezvous 2529!
Register for the Zone 2022 RI Convention "Texas-Style" Reception!
Date:  Sunday, June 5th
Time:  4:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Cost:  $100 Per Person - Includes Heavy Appetizers & Cash Bar
Location:  The Houston Club, 49th Floor of One Shell Plaza, 910 Louisiana Street, Houston TX 77002
Dress Code:  Casual (This is Texas!!!)
You're Invited to join Suzi Howe, 2020-2022 Rotary International Director for Zones 25A, 25B & 29...and Orbie, the Official Mascot of the 2022 RI Convention!
Registration is open to all Zone 25A, 25B, & 29 Rotarians & Rotaractors.
Meet new and old Rotary friends from Columbia, South America up through Ontario, Canada for this exclusive event during the Rotary International Convention.  Registration is open to all Zone 25A, 25B, & 29 Rotarians, even if you are not attending any other convention events, you do not have to register for the convention to register for this event.

This is the "don't miss event" of the convention!

Register now for RI Director Suzi Howe's Rotary International Convention "Texas style" Zone Reception!

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