Sooner Rotary, Norman, Oklahoma, celebrated the club’s 30th anniversary on November 16, at Blackbird Gastropub on Campus Corner in Norman.  Attendees enjoyed dinner and an improv group from OKC Improv.  District Governor Arlie Daniels attended  the celebration as did 30 Sooner Rotarians and guests from two other clubs.
Sooner Rotary was chartered with 41 members on November 13, 1987.  Current charter members of Sooner Rotary include Mayor Lynne Miller, Keith Busking, Greg Buwick, Kevin Murphree, Grover Ozmun, and Bob Usry.  Sooner Rotary has provided 3 District Governors:  David Shirley, Bob Dill, and Glenda Thomas. Past presidents of Sooner Rotary include:  Bob Usry, Grover Ozmun, Judy Simpkins, Jeff Bryant, David Shirley, Andy Paden, Greg Buwick, Dick Pryor, Pat Hall, Keith Busking, Glenda Thomas, J.T. Johnson, Diane Murphree, Bob Dill, Tonny Walden, Denise Kueny, Lucinda Francis, Kevin Murphree, Christi Moore, and Philip Wong.  David Imy is the current club president.  Sooner Rotary has given over $336,000 to the Foundation.  The club boasts that 51% of membership is now female. We are proud of our diversity, our giving, and our “Service Above Self”.