Hyatt Regency DFW Airport
2334 N International Parkway
Adjacent to Terminal C
Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, OK  75261
United States

LoneStar Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) is the premier multidistrict training event that prepares Rotary Club Presidents-Elect for their year of service as President of their Rotary club in Texas and Southern Oklahoma.  The website provides information to the participants at www.lonestarpets.org

NOTE: In accordance with Article 13, Section 5(c) of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution, the president-elect shall attend the district PETS and the district training assembly unless excused by the governor-elect. If so excused, the president-elect shall send a designated club representative who shall report back to the president-elect. If the president-elect does not attend the PETS and the district training assembly and has not been excused by the governor-elect or, if so excused does not send a designated club representative to such meetings, the president-elect shall not be able to serve as club president. In such event, the current president shall continue to serve until a successor who has attended PETS and district training assembly or training deemed sufficient by the governor-elect has been duly elected.