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Bob and Jennifer Greenstreet

2016-2017 District Governor and His Rotarian Spouse

Ada Sunrise Rotary Club 


April is Maternal and Child Health Month



John F. Germ

President 2016-17

Rotary Club of Chattanooga, Tennessee USA


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District 5770 is the home of Rotarians Ron and Jetta Burton

Ron Burton was the 2013-2014 Rotary International President

and he will serve as the 2018-19 Chair of The Rotary Foundation


He is a member of the Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma

She is a member of the Rotary Club of Norman Cross Timbers, Oklahoma 




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Plan now to attend the 2017 Rotary Roundup (AKA District Conference) in Ada on May 19-20.  Click on the Rotary Roundup title under UPCOMING EVENTS in the last column of this page for information and registration..
Do you want to know what Rotary International’s best kept secret is?  YOUTH EXCHANGE (YE) 
Many clubs are not participating in hosting/sending students or know very little when it comes to our international exchange program.  Those that do engage in YE look forward year after year to meeting a new student and their unique culture.
In our efforts to promote youth exchange in the District, we are holding an informational meeting covering a range of topics on Monday, March 27, from 7-9:00 in the Lowery Room of the Norman Public Library , 225 N. Webster, Norman, 73069.
We encourage any Rotarian, student, or parent to attend. 
You will hear the nuts and bolts of the program, what is required to send a student overseas, receiving a student into your club, costs, timelines, hosting an exchange student and answers to your questions.
Although it is not necessary to register, we would appreciate a heads-up so we know who to expect either by email or phone.
Contact Info:   Denise Kueny  e-mail:  sparkyace29@yahoo.com or 405-623-6170
The photos for the Paul Harris Foundation dinner that was held on Marcy 25 at the Apache Casino in Lawton, Ok have been uploaded to our photo album.
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If you need higher resolution of any of the photos, please contact C.E. Jones.
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The Shawnee Rotary club received a $6,440 grant from the Rotary District toward their 2016-17 project of providing shade structures at the Splash Pad at Rotary/Boy Scout Park.
Pictured left to right are: Co-Grant Chair Sherry Lankford, Grant Chair And Board Member Kaye Green; Shawnee Rotary President, Joe Ford;and Shawnee Rotary Board Member and District committee member,
Charlotte Barnett.

Council grants clubs greater flexibility in meeting, membership

Council member Dominque Dubois holds up a green card to indicate support of a motion while Sandeep Nurang ponders his response during the 2016 Council on Legislation.
Photo Credit: Monika Lozinska

The 2016 Council on Legislation may well be remembered as one of the most progressive in Rotary history.

Not only did this Council grant clubs more freedom in determining their meeting schedule and membership, it also approved an increase in per capita dues of $4 a year for three years. The increase will be used to enhance Rotary’s website, improve online tools, and add programs and services to help clubs increase membership.

The Council is an essential element of Rotary’s governance. Every three years, members from around the world gather in Chicago to consider proposed changes to the policies that govern the organization and its member clubs. Measures that are adopted take effect 1 July.

The tone for this year was set early, when the RI Board put forth two proposals that increase flexibility. The first measure allows clubs to decide to vary their meeting times, whether to meet online or in person, and when to cancel a meeting, as long as they meet at least twice a month. The second allows clubs flexibility in choosing their membership rules and requirements. Both passed.

Representatives also approved removing six membership criteria from the RI Constitution and replacing them with a simple requirement that a member be a person of good character who has a good reputation in their business or community and is willing to serve the community.

The $4 per year dues increase was based on a five-year financial forecast that predicted that if Rotary didn’t either raise dues or make drastic cuts, its reserves would dip below mandated levels by 2020. The yearly per capita dues that clubs pay to RI will be $60 in 2017-18, $64 in 2018-19, and $68 in 2019-20. The next council will establish the rate after that.

“We are at a moment in time when we must think beyond the status quo,” said RI Vice President Greg E. Podd. “We must think about our future.”

Podd said the dues increase will allow RI to improve My Rotary, develop resources so clubs can offer a better membership experience, simplify club and district reporting, improve website access for Rotaractors, and update systems to keep Rotary in compliance with changing global regulations.

Also because of this Council’s decisions:

  • A Council on Resolutions will meet annually online to consider resolutions — recommendations to the RI Board. Council members will be selected for three-year terms. They’ll participate in the Council on Resolutions for three years and the Council on Legislation in their final year only. The Council on Resolutions will free the Council on Legislation to concentrate on enactments — changes to Rotary’s governing documents. Proponents predict that the Council on Legislation can then be shortened by a day, saving $300,000.
  • Rotaractors will be allowed to become members of Rotary clubs while they are still in Rotaract. Proponents argued that too few Rotaractors join Rotary. Sometimes it’s because they don’t want to leave their Rotaract clubs before they have to, upon reaching age 30. It’s hoped that giving them more options will boost the numbers of qualified young leaders in Rotary.
  • The distinction between e-clubs and traditional clubs will be eliminated. The Council recognized that clubs have been meeting in a number of ways, and given this flexibility, the distinction was no longer meaningful. Clubs that have “e-club” in their names can keep it, however.
  • The reference to admission fees will be removed from the bylaws. Proponents argued that the mention of admission fees does not advance a modern image of Rotary.
  • A standing committee on membership was established, in recognition that membership is a top priority of the organization, and polio eradication was also reaffirmed to be a goal of the highest order.

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The Rotaract club of East Central University (ECU) in Ada, Oklahoma was preparing to attend the district conference when they were notified that a major earthquake had struck Nepal where some of their members are from.  They reported the disaster at the conference and $2,500 was raised at the conference for disaster relief.  Since that time, the ECU Rotaract club has partnered with the Rotaract Club of Kathmandu, Nepal (D3292).  The students raised over $15,000 during the week before finals. A report was recently published recognizing the ECU Rotaract Club for their help in relief efforts.  

Click here to view the Nepal relief mission report.

"Be a vibrant club" brochure can be used with your club leadership plan.  The brochure helps you strategize what you want your club to be like in three to five years. 10 tips will give you a better understanding about how to create a club committee, prepare members for future roles, and more.
Click on the words READ MORE below to view the brochure.

RI President John Germ and District Governor Bob Greenstreet are asking all District 5770 Rotary Clubs to take advantage of the Rotary Club Central program.  The program assists Rotary clubs to plan and track service projects -- from beginning to end.  Click on ROTARY CLUB CENTRAL in the left column under SITE PAGES.

The Rotary Youth Exchange Program does not happen without your club's support.  Recruiting OUTBOUND ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE STUDENTS should be a continuous process for district Rotary clubs.  Suggested recruitment sources are school langauge teachers, Interact, RYLA, church groups, news promotions and your own club or family contacts.

Rotary clubs are asked to recruit students from their communities well in advance of their exchange year. In order to obtain exchanges for long term outbound students ages 15 1/2 to 18 1/2 , the district interviews occur each November for the next school year.  Long Term Applications for the 2016-17 school year are due to the district no later than Oct 30th.

There are also some short term exchanges that occur during the summer.  One month of family to family visiting between and exchange student and a foreign host family with a student.  These exchanges are from ages 14-19.

Details about the Youth Exchange program are found in the left column of this page.  Under SITE PAGES, click on the ROTARY YOUTH EXCHANGE link.

If you would like to have a club program on Youth Exchange, or need posters to put up at schools, or need more information about the program itself. Please contact Jaci Williams at jacy.5770@gmail.com or Russ Davoren rdavo@cox.net





 Don’t miss a rare opportunity to contribute to The Rotary Foundation and receive a memento honoring our own Rotary District 5770 Ron Burton as Rotary International President (2013-2014).  A $100 or $1,000 contribution to The Rotary Foundation in Ron’s honor under a special offer entitles the donor to a special commemorative postal cover. 

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The core elements of Rotary membership are recruitment of new members, the retention and development of existing members, and the organization of new clubs (extension).  The Membership Minute from RI aids clubs in this process.  

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Rotary Direct is an easy way to contribute to The Rotary Foundation on a recurring basis.

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To learn how you can get involved with a Rotary Club in District 5770, an online Rotary International PROSPECTIVE MEMBER FORM for Rotarians and non-Rotarians is available under SITE PAGES in the left column of this page. 



Groups of individual Rotarians and others from diffferent countries united through shared interests either as Rotary Fellowships (geared to vocational and recreational interests) or Rotary Action Groups (geared to service activities). Designed to foster international fellowship, friendship, and service. Open to all Rotarians, spouses of Rotarians, and Rotaractors.





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