Message from DG Faron Barr
Dear Fellow Rotarians in 5710,
Here it is. Are you ready? Drumroll please…2020 IS OVER!!! Yes! It is OVER!
Listing all the unprecedented occurrences that happened in the year like no one alive has ever experienced is a feat in and of itself. Just when we thought we had seen it all, NOPE here is another occurrence that is something we have never experienced. 2020 was the year that possibly changed all of our lives forever. We now do tasks we used to take for granted in a very different way. We have learned that we are not finished working on inclusion and we have learned how to connect with people we never thought we could get to sit at the table. 2020, for better or worse, forced us to work harder to find opportunities to connect and unite to make lasting positive change in our world, in our communities and in ourselves. As I witness all the new ways that you connect with not only your club or our district, but with people all over our state, nation, and world, I am reminded of the hope that we, as Rotarians, can bring even in the face of adversity.
As we now face the dawn of a new year, I hope that we can find several ways to get to a place where we can safely do some of our ongoing projects that have helped so many people in the past. I am certain that we will find opportunities to build new projects that help our ever-changing world along the way. I have seen many of your ideas and I expect to see more as the year unfolds. Although we have been taught throughout our life, and especially last year, that we are not able to predict the future with 100% accuracy, I think we would all like to see some kind of normalcy, whatever that may become. Hope is what Rotarians can offer through our efforts. Hope is what we need to get to a better place in our communities and in our lives. In 2021, hope for a better tomorrow for those less fortunate than us will be my goal for our district.
So what does hope look like? Here are a few examples, however this list is not all inclusive. There are other ideas and projects that may not have made this list. I invite you to add to it, if you wish.
  1. We just finished interviewing outbound Rotary Youth Exchange students and their families in hopes that we will be sending nine students to their exchange experience in August 2021. This means we will need families for inbound RYE students if all goes as planned. If you would like to be considered for a host family, please speak to Stephen Wheatley or David Beck.
  2. We have the members and will be sending in a charter for our very first E-club in 5710. This will also be our first Cause club. Expect to see a charter event for the Community Action Against Human Trafficking (CAAHT) club very soon.
  3. We are currently pursuing two internal Global Grants that, if approved, will benefit communities in the Kansas City area. If we are successful, this will be the second year that we have been able to partner with international districts to help our local communities.
  4. We have the potential for three new Satellite clubs in our district and a possible new traditional club.
  5. Environment is our new Area of Focus beginning on July 1. We are already getting interest in developing projects around this focus.
  6. We are talking with District 5680 about possible ways we can help with COVID-19 vaccinations. More to come on this very soon.
I look forward to meeting more of you as I continue to make club visits throughout the district. I am always encouraged when I see all of you still meeting in the format that fits your club the best. When you are setting your personal goals, please also think about your goals for your club. What will your leadership look like in July? What new ideas would you like to experiment with concerning your Rotary club? What trainings or informational events would you like to attend? What membership or foundation goals would you like to meet? This mid-year time in Rotary is a good time to examine these questions to determine if your club is heading in direction you would like to see.
Finally, I am pleased to see the charter for the newest club in our district. It is the Emporia Interact club sponsored by the Emporia club. Even in a pandemic, we are finding ways to grow Rotary and simultaneously involve youth in the solution. Congratulations to this new club!
I hope all of you are enjoying this holiday season while staying healthy. I look forward to working with you in the new year and beyond.
Happy New Year!!
Faron E. Barr
District Governor 2020-2021 

District & Club News & Events

While all our District 5710 Rotarians are surely making their own New Year’s Resolutions with renewed hope for a better year, it would be totally appropriate for each Club to step up to the idea of making sure that there is a CLUB RESOLUTION to Set and Meet a major fundraising Goal for Polio Plus before our District’s June 30th deadline to donate $100,000!
So if your club has not yet set or met your Goal, ask your President to go to Club Runner and update where you stand for Polio Plus. Remember, it only takes $1,200 for your club to earn the POLIO DROP banner patch (That’s just $100 a month from your club or a few $s per week per member!!!) To give you an added incentive to set these Goals here is really good news from the December 23rd Report of the GPEI:
  • The19th report of the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative has been published. The IMB notes the strong resumption of polio campaigns following the temporary pause due to COVID-19 and commends the program for supporting COVID-19 response efforts. The IMB points to several pivotal challenges which the program must tackle with urgency to achieve success and offers a set of 17 key recommendations to capitalize on the momentum of resumed immunizations. Polio Plus clearly is supporting these recommendations.
  • The GPEI has published a global cVDPV resource document aimed at providing a high-level overview of cVDPVs, their importance to the program and strategy for responding to them, including nOPV2. Available here in various languages, this document will answer all the questions you might have had about why Rotary’s work to combat the incidence of the circulating virus is so important.
  • And as evidence of renewed progress toward eradication, on a wintery November day, vaccinators across Afghanistan wrapped up warm, checked that they had facemasks and hand sanitizer, and headed out into the cold morning. Their mission? To reach 9.9 million children with polio vaccines, before snowfall blocked their way. Read more.
Resolve to plan your next fund-raiser to include Polio Plus. If you need Polio Plus/End Polio Now Fundraising help or want to borrow the District’s EPN Banners or Flags, get in touch with Jim. Share the “Countdown to History” Box Score below to help tell our story of progress and hope and encourage EVERY Rotarian to resolve to support POLIO PLUS!
And Remember: WE ARE “THIS CLOSE”.
Jim Arnett, Polio Plus District Chair - (913) 200-0514 -
Wild Poliovirus Weekly Update
Week Ending 31Dec 2020
Total number of wild cases in 2017:  22
Total number of wild cases in 2018:  33
Total number of wild poliovirus cases in 2019:  176
     Total # of wild poliovirus cases this week: 3
     Total # of wild poliovirus cases in 2020: 141 (83 in Pakistan)
      (compared with Total of 126 for the same period in 2019)
Total number of Circulating Vaccine Derived cases - 2020: 844
 (compared to total in 2018:104 and in 2019:378)
Human Trafficking Awareness Month
January is Human Trafficking Awareness month. Please join the CAAHT (Community Action Against Human Trafficking) Rotary Club in raising awareness of human trafficking in Kansas and the United States. We are participating in a 31-day social media campaign and need your help.
As you know, Human Trafficking is a $150 billion industry that victimizes children and adults of all social classes, races and sex in every state. The many myths about human trafficking in the United States often impede our recognition of the abuse happening in our communities.  Accurate information about grooming, demand, and exploitation helps prevent additional victims.
Each day during January, a new fact will be released via social media and offer resources to help those who need help or want to learn more. Will you please join us in spreading accurate information to our communities, by joining our social media campaign in January? 
Please join us! Your voice matters! Together we can increase awareness of this terrible crime and help keep each other safe.
This campaign is sponsored by:
CAAHT Rotary Club
YWCA Center for Safety and Empowerment
Topeka Shawnee County anti-Human Trafficking Coalition
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
STARS (Stop Trafficking and Reject Slavery), International Public Policy Institute
Kansas Leadership Center
Together Rotary District 5680 and District 5710 have received a Leadership Transformation Grant valued around $48,000 from The Kansas Leadership Center for 2021 and:
Enrollment is Now Open
We have 85 Seats available on a first come first served basis.  This is open to all members of Rotary Districts 5680 and 5710. The complete program consists of three steps. You may enroll in one, two or all three now, or you may prefer to participate in one per year; the choice is yours.  Tuition is FREE, books are at your expense. As of now KLC plans for all sessions to be via Zoom.
The KLC Path
Anyone can lead, anytime, and anywhere. Our leadership path will teach you how. Change the way you manage yourself and mobilize others. Transform your leadership skills and become more effective in solving problems with our three-step leadership development path. 
STEP 1: 
Your Leadership Edge
Your Leadership Edge is the foundational training that introduces core concepts in KLC’s powerful leadership framework. Discover new ways to communicate, solve problems and lead more effectively back in your context. Sharpen interpersonal skills, self-awareness and confidence with others. Your Leadership Edge helps you find, test and push to the edge of your comfort zone.
Lead for Change
Continue your learning with this advanced and immersive training. Lead for Change prepares you to mobilize others to deal with tough problems and seize opportunities in any context. Deepen your skills and confidence to engage others to create or manage change. Energize others to deal with problems more effectively for lasting results.
Equip to Lead
Make a larger impact in organizational culture. Gain tools and develop a plan to embed powerful leadership concepts in your organization so that others exercise leadership alongside you. In the final step of the path, you’ll learn to communicate, facilitate and incorporate core leadership ideas into your context so real change can happen. Build a culture of leadership where you live, work or volunteer.
          GO TO
          Click on the Join Us Box
          Click the Learn More Box for the Session you want to participate in
          Create (or Open) an account and register
          The Promo code for free Tuition is ROTARY2021
Enjoy the program.  For questions contact:
Neil Wakefield                                           
Rotary District 5710 Trainer                
Leavenworth Rotary
Happy New Year!
The many faces of Rotarian bell ringers! 
During the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign Leavenworth Rotarians and friends rang the bell for many hours and raised over $11,300.00!  Do you recognize any of these masked (unmasked) heroes?
Club collaboration...Village West Rotary participated the the Agriculture Hall of Fame CHRISTmas Light Display in December using the Leavenworth Rotary Wheel! Meals on Wheels deliveries every Monday began again in October for our club. And Our last meeting of the year was a share your ugly sweater and favorite CHRISTmas drink!
Next Zoom Meeting: 6 January 2021
Meals on Wheels Deliveries
Happy New Year from Leavenworth Rotary!
Leawood Rotary
Leawood Rotary Club Reaches 100% x TWO
Members of the Leawood Rotary Club have stepped up and reached 100 percent participation in their commitments to two great organizations.
All club members, nearly 60 at this time, are now sustaining members for both the Paul Harris Foundation as well as "A Children's Tomorrow," which is the Leawood Club's charitable foundation. Thanks to the efforts of the eight Foundation committee members and committee chair Nancy Barber, all new club members are educated about the value of making annual commitments to both funds.
Lenexa Rotary
Lenexa Rotary Club Holiday Party (via Zoom)
A small group showed up some in “festive “ sweaters or light-up necklaces. We learned about favorite cookies, the most unique being potato candy! The Petersons won the award for the tree with the most ornaments with several other beautiful trees. All remembered family traditions that were important to their holidays. It turned out to be an enjoyable party.
Manhattan Rotary
The Manhattan Rotary Club celebrated the following:
Rotarian C. Clyde Jones’ on the occasion of his 98th birthday. A Rotarian for over 60 years, Past President of the club and Past District Governor, the club teamed up with the FIT (Families in Transition) Closet to collect adult hygiene products in highest demand. Club members drove by and waved to commemorate the day as C. Clyde sat in his front yard. A llama gram added to the celebration, courtesy of Rotarian Ron Wilson of Lazy T. Ranch.
Interactors from Manhattan High School assembled birthing kits in the Fall of 2019 and early spring of 2020 that recently arrived in the medical clinic in Ampasimbe, Madagascar and are already in use. A district grant provided funds for the birthing kits (string, bandaid, alcohol wipes, gauze, razor blade, gloves, soap and disposable under pad). The purpose of the clean birthing kits is to help decrease infant and mother mortality rates in rural areas without access to a hospital or maternity clinic.
Spear-headed by Rotarian Phil Mattox, the club collected toys and funds for Operation Santa (Op Santa). In the 36th year, the program supports soldiers, service members, and their families assigned to Fort Riley at the SGT E-5 and below pay grades. Volunteer soldiers manage, decorate and issue toys to families. By Dec 22, 1030 children in 465 families had participated in Op Santa.
Rotarian Dr. Vara Prasad received the International Agronomy Award from the American Society of Agronomy. Only one agronomist per year receives this award who has made contributions in the areas of research, teaching, extension or administration outside of the U. S.
Global Grant Scholar and K-Stater, Jessica Northam, was featured in Las Gardenias shown at the New York Film Festival on Dec. 19. The documentary depicts Northman’s work in Colombia with displaced women and families with PTSD who use drama therapy as part of the healing process.
Thank you to the work of Rotarian Stormy Kennedy and in honor of our speakers, the club has donated about 50 books to local elementary schools this year.
Since July, The Manhattan Rotary Club has honored six Paul Harris Fellows and 13 multiple Paul Harris Fellows with more to come.
Watch our meetings live via Facebook from noon to 1 p.m. on Thursdays.
Overbrook Rotary
For December, Overbrook members provided care packages for Brookside Manor retirement home. Pictured are Gerry Coffman, Randy Durbin and Mike Bronoski finishing up the care packages of cookies for Christmas. Also in December, the Betterment Committee helped prepare the Christmas Lights in downtown Overbrook. Pictured are Carolyn Fairchild, PDG Jon Wilhite, and Rich Fairchild. 
Shawnee Mission Rotary
The Shawnee Mission Rotary club continued to meet weekly during December via zoom.  Our events, speakers and/or presentations included the following:
  • December 9:  Representatives from Shawnee Mission School District spoke about an upcoming bond referendum regarding proposed improvements to Rushton Elementary School, Hocker Grove Middle School, Horizons High School, the Early Childhood Education Center and the Career and Technical Campus.
  • December 16: Laura Taylor, Curator Of Interpretation at the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, spoke about the museum
  • December 23:  No Meeting
  • December 30:  No Meeting
On Saturday, December 5, 2020, our Club met outside at Sar Ko Par Park for a White Elephant gift exchange.


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