Message from DG Faron Barr
Dear Fellow Rotarians in 5710,
I hope all of you had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday. I know for many of you it was different than what you have experienced in the past, but I hope at least you were able to get together with family and friends in-person or virtually. As this craziest of years comes to an end, we are again reminded that we are in the middle of a pandemic that we will be faced with for quite some time. We have learned many different ways to conduct our lives and reach our goals in this year. The opportunities never cease to present themselves no matter what faces us. We are Rotary and that’s what makes us powerful and unique! Please read or scan the articles following this letter to discover all the great things that are happening in our district and how we, as Rotarians, are learning to adapt to our ever-changing world.
For the first time in District 5710 history, we held our district conference in a hybrid format on November 6th. The decision to change our conference was made by your District Governor string long before we knew that a pandemic would change all of our lives. With the help of a fantastic team of volunteers, we were able hold a successful and safe conference with some excellent presentations! We had just over 40 people who attended in-person and just as many that attended via Zoom. The attendees were able to hear fellow District Governor Dana Brewer from D5680 talk about his personal experience with polio along with polio data presented by Jim Arnett. International Director, Suzi Howe addressed us during the lunch hour. We had a great session on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion presented by Dr. Todd “Bowtie” Jenkins. This was followed by a virtual panel discussion on where we are and where we are going with our efforts to End Human Trafficking moderated by Patti Mellard. We finished the afternoon with a session I called Rotary Roulette where we showcased some of the successful programs going on in our district and how we are adapting to our current circumstances. The last speech was a great delivery from Jenny Stotts on Rotary Happy. I have many people to thank for this conference being a success. First, my district conference committee who I have been working with for the last several months led by Jarod Holroyd. Second, Dr. Rick Randolph for his consultation on conducting a safe in-person experience. Third, all of our presenters who attended virtually and in-person. The crew I save for last to thank for the success of this first hybrid conference challenge is our technical team who made this possible. Vernon Turner, Mandy Sheldon, and Jason Leib made this a great experience for everyone and I cannot thank them enough!
At the district conference, we had several club and personal awards that were announced by DRFC Gary Duggan and PDG Jason Leib. Congratulations to all of you who received an award. There were two special awards that were presented. Tom Fryer received his Major Donor award and Jim Arnett received the “Service Above Self” award! Jim’s award was presented to him by PDG Blanche Parks. What wonderful accomplishments by all! You can read more about this in an article later in this newsletter.
Now that we are in the holiday season, please think of those less fortunate than us and what we can do as Rotarians to possibly make their life a little better. The challenges can sometimes seem great, but we can rise to the occasion with our creative ideas on how to make our world a better place. I hope all of you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable holiday season with family and friends in the capacity that is comfortable for you.
Happy Holidays to all of you!
Faron E. Barr
District Governor 2020-2021

District & Club News & Events

As the year comes to an end, Rotarians across District 5710 and around the World can look back with a mix of pride for the progress that has been made toward eradication of Polio, but also with continued concern for the urgent need to address the recent year-end increases of Wild Polio Cases in Pakistan and Afghanistan and major upticks in Circulating Vaccine Derived Polio Virus in a sobering number of countries. It is vitally important that the “PLUS” part of our support stays focused on the highly praised world-wide surveillance and vaccine distribution infrastructure Rotary helped create that enables improved health and disease prevention for children everywhere. That infrastructure has proven to be critical in the world-wide efforts to combat the COVID19 threat while continuing to provide the polio vaccines to 40 Million children every year until Polio is ultimately vanquished. Let’s also be aware that our “PLUS” will continue to provide help for the 1000’s of polio survivors world-wide who were not reached by the vaccine in time and who will still need aid with mobility and other health issues for years to come.  
For more information on this important part of the “PLUS”, check out the new Rotary Action Group at
So this is a reminder that while our District has made great progress toward our $100.000 Polio Plus goal for this year, the next 6 months will be critical in reaching that important milestone! The Rotary Foundation confirms that they have already received almost $27,500 from the District’s Clubs. With reports from a number of our clubs about successful events centered around World Polio Day that significant additional donations are on their way in to RIF, we can report that we are HALF-WAY THERE! Start planning your next fund-raiser to include Polio Plus and if your club hasn’t set its Goal for this year, please do it now and aim for at least $1200.00 so your Club can earn that neat ‘POLIO DROP” Banner patch. Needing a Polio Plus/End Polio Now Fundraising idea or suggestion? Or if you want to borrow the District’s EPN Banners or Flags,  get in touch with Jim. Share the “Countdown to History” Box Score below to help tell our story of progress and hope and encourage EVERY Rotarian to support POLIO PLUS!
And Remember: WE ARE “THIS CLOSE”.
Jim Arnett, Polio Plus District Chair - (913) 200-0514 -
Wild Poliovirus Weekly Update
Week Ending 30 Nov 2020
Total number of wild cases in 2017:  22
Total number of wild cases in 2018:  33
Total number of wild poliovirus cases in 2019:  176
     Total # of wild poliovirus cases this week: 2
     Total # of wild poliovirus cases in 2020: 137 (81 in Pakistan)
      (compared with Total of 102 for the same period in 2019)
Total number of Circulating Vaccine Derived cases - 2020: 655
 (compared to total in 2018:104 and in 2019:378)
Pints for Polio Winners
Congratulations to all our Pints for Polio Winners!
1000 Paul Harris Fellow recognition points:
Bennie Smith – Olathe Santa Fe Trail
Tony Mynsted – Lawrence
Transport Brewery Gift Card:
Kevin Gilmore – Olathe Santa Fe Trail
Stephen Black  - Leawood
End Polio Now Prize Pack:
Chuck Udell - Leawood
Learn More About HANWASH

Rotarians, I am looking for individuals or clubs from our District to join me in efforts to support past RI President, Barry Rassin’s HANWASH program. A program with a goal to provide every citizen of Haiti with clean drinking water by 2035. You can learn more about HANWASH (Haiti National Clean Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Strategy) by logging in to           

I have been engaged with Haiti for several years as a board member of Emmaus University, advisor for Medical Food for Kids, and personal supporter of the Cap Haitian Rotary Club. As your 2021-22 Governor, I would like to invite individuals and clubs to join me in supporting our neighbors. If you are interested, please call or text me at 785.564.2121 or email me at prior to February 1, 2021. I will then organize a Zoom meeting for those interested to discuss how we can all make a difference. 



  • Design, structure and implement a local, district and regional marketing campaign to promote HANWASH goals, core values, program strategy and specific commune initiative.
  • Leverage the resources of Rotary at a club, district, zone level as well the resources of individuals with vocational expertise, relationships w/ local NGOs, church groups, corporations and governments.
  • Encourage district/club/member attendance on the bi-monthly online commune specific HANWASH webinar. Update and communicate the information to the remaining clubs and Rotarians in your district.
  • Alongside the HANWASH Marketing and Communications Committee, adopt all appropriate marketing channels including web, social media, e-blasts etc.


  • Generate funding for HANWASH generally and for your specific commune initiative.
  • Work with HANWASH Finance Committee to budget and monitor fundraising versus targets.
  • In cooperation with the Funding Partners Committee, investigate and recommend the various fundraising channels including TRF grants, DAF’s, crowd funding and partner funding.


  • Work with the HANWASH Grants Committee to write TRF Global Grants that are consistent with the Program core values.
  • Maintain regular communication with your specific in-country HANWASH Ambassador.
  • Become a part of the HANWASH program on the ground by participating in the in-country project visits. 
Seeking CAAHT Club Members
Help Wanted!! For New Anti Human Trafficking Rotary Club
Do you know an inactive Rotarian with an interest in fighting human trafficking? We are looking for a couple of members with Rotary experience to help lead the new virtual Cause Club that is focused on fighting human trafficking. The club meets virtually by Zoom the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at noon. Membership dues are $140/yr or $35/qtr. 
The club has 3 main areas of focus: 1) Assisting survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, 2) Providing prevention education to youth and adults, 3) Advocating for effective legislation and enforcement to fight human trafficking.
If you know of someone who may be interested, please contact DG Faron Barr at 785-231-9921 or Patti Mellard at 785-640-9999.
Kansas Leadership Center
Once again District 5710, which has been joined by District 5680 has received a Transformation Grant from The Kansas Leadership Center for 2021.  We will receive 85 seats to the locally presented World Renown Leadership Training Program.
The core management team will be attending Virtual Strategy Planning events on December 8 and 15 to learn the procedures for the 2021 Grant.  We know:
  1. The seats will be on a first come first served basis.
  2. All sessions will be Virtual.
  3. You will be receiving an email from the District with the enrollment procedure as soon as registration is open to Grant Participants.
Please be prepared to register by reviewing the following information or visiting The Kansas Leaderships Website at:
The KLC Path
Anyone can lead, anytime, and anywhere. Our leadership path will teach you how. Change the way you manage yourself and mobilize others. Transform your leadership skills and become more effective in solving problems with our three-step leadership development path. 
STEP 1: 
Your Leadership Edge
Your Leadership Edge is the foundational training that introduces core concepts in KLC’s powerful leadership framework. Discover new ways to communicate, solve problems and lead more effectively back in your context. Sharpen interpersonal skills, self-awareness and confidence with others. Your Leadership Edge helps you find, test and push to the edge of your comfort zone.
Lead for Change
Continue your learning with this advanced and immersive training. Lead for Change prepares you to mobilize others to deal with tough problems and seize opportunities in any context. Deepen your skills and confidence to engage others to create or manage change. Energize others to deal with problems more effectively for lasting results.
Equip to Lead
Make a larger impact in organizational culture. Gain tools and develop a plan to embed powerful leadership concepts in your organization so that others exercise leadership alongside you. In the final step of the path, you’ll learn to communicate, facilitate and incorporate core leadership ideas into your context so real change can happen. Build a culture of leadership where you live, work or volunteer.
Topeka South Honored with Mental Health Warrior Award!
The Valeo Behavioral Health Foundation Board honored the Topeka South Rotary Club with the 2020 Mental Health Warrior Award. This award is given to a business, corporation or organization that demonstrates excellence in philanthropy surrounding mental health in Shawnee County. Topeka South Rotary was recognized for a Rotary Disaster Grant that provided personal protective equipment, such as sanitizer, face masks, and gloves, basic nonperishable food items, and a $50 Walmart gift card to consumers of Valeo mental health services. Topeka South provided 120 gift boxes to this underserved population that has been severely impacted by COVID-19. They also provided PPE to front-line health care workers at Valeo, Breakthrough House, Inc, Sunflower Connections, and Family Service and Guidance Center.

Topeka South Rotary
Topeka South Rotary is particularly proud of its members who have dedicated their time and passion to furthering mental health initiatives which were recognized by the Valeo Behavioral Health's 2020 Mental Health Warrior Award (story and pictures above).
In other news, TSR has elected not to host its traditional in-person holiday gathering. Awards and recognitions will occur during its weekly Zoom meeting on December 18. Funds dedicated to the holiday gathering are being donated to local organizations: Let's Help, the United Way Christmas Bureau and the Topeka High School Interact Club's holiday dinner initiative.
Emporia Rotary
Dictionary Project
Dictionaries for all Emporia Third Graders were recently delivered to the USD 253 district office Rotarians were on hand to label and deliver the dictionaries.  Third graders will be able to take these home before they start remote learning on Monday, November 23rd.
Grocery Grab
A representative of Abundant Harvest was successful in filling several grocery carts of food items during the five-minute shopping spree at the Rotary Club Grocery Grab at Good's Cash Saver on Saturday, November 21. It was a festive atmosphere at Good's Cash Saver at 6:45 am as Abundant Harvest was drawn among the six finalists whose tickets were drawn from sold tickets on November 14. The five other finalists received Good's Cash Saver gift certificates. 
This was the second annual “Grab” and there were a couple of improvements:
  • In addition to advertising in the local paper and radio station, we added all the local marquees. 
  • Tickets were sold at Good’s Cash Saver. 
  • Member numbers were printed on the tickets, so that the member selling the winning ticket could be identified.
Click on the link to view the Facebook video of the Grocery Grab.
Gardner Rotary
The Gardner Rotary Club has partnered with Sleep in Heavenly Peace to build beds for kids in need for the past three years. On October 24; we completed our 3rd year of builds. The club donated the funds for the materials and provided volunteers to complete the builds of 13 beds. 
Johnson County Rotary
The Rotary Club of Johnson County held a book/snack donation drive to benefit the Learning Club based in Kansas City, Kansas. The Learning Club provides after school tutoring to at risk students in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Funds for this project were provided through a District 5710 grant, the club's foundation and private donation. Activities for this drive included a shopping trip with the Learning Club's high school interns and a November 14th donation drop off event in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn West in Overland Park, KS. Over 500 reading and activity books and more than $600 worth of healthy prepackaged snacks were donated to this worthwhile organization.  
Junction City Rotary
Junction City Club Honors Veterans
At the November 10 meeting in honor of Veterans Day, the Junction City Rotary Club recognized our Veteran members by providing their lunch and a card thanking them for service to our country. 
Member Veterans pictured left to right are: 
Bob Zimmerman, Calvin Pottberg, Ron Coryell, Bruce McMillan and Rex Matney. Not pictured Ret. Lt. Col. John Seitz, Harold Wilson, and David Walker. Thank you to all for your service. 
Leavenworth Rotary
Here are some photo highlights of Leavenworth's activity this month:
1)President Timothy presenting our Silent Rotarian of the Year Award to Rotarian Mike Keohane (seated) with his spouse Alice standing by. 2)Back to in-person meetings, guest of Past President Tamara, Marcia Irvine, wins $10 and the chance to draw the Joker during our pot drawing. 3)Our newest Paul Harris Fellow, Caroline Webster (left), with Foundation Chair, DeEtte Lombard. 4)Past Presidents Tamara and Maria having a little fun at the Carousel Museum; program sponsored by Rotarian Tom Dials.
5)Several of our members participated in our city’s Veterans’ Day Parade. 6)Our Wheel, parade ready! 7) Rotarians Don Murphy and Chuck Soby delivering 132 Back Pack Buddy Meal Pouches to David J. Brewer Elementary School.
Upcoming for Leavenworth:
- Zoom meetings (only) resume due to the increasing number of COVID cases in Leavenworth county
- Main Street/VFW Post 56 Veteran’s Banner recipient honored
- The many faces of our Rotarian Salvation Army Bell Ringers
Leawood Rotary
Memorial Bench Plaza Dedicated to Rotarian Charles Lusk
Nearly 50 residents gathered on Saturday to dedicate two new.benches at Ironwoods Park. Placed at the edge of a large pond where he and his wife often liked to walk, and among the Rotary Grove, the benches were a joint project between the Leawood Foundation, the Leawood Historic Commission, and the Leawood Rotary Club to honor Charles.
Charles was a longtime Rotarian in Lee's Summit and Leawood, and was referred to as "the ultimate greeter."  He was a dedicated community and church volunteer who lived by the "Service Above Self" motto.
Lenexa Rotary
Coats for Kids - Thank you everyone for your generous coat donations. We were able to donate 131 coats!!
Distribution of $2500 Club Meals Fund - Through our member's generosity of monies paid, but not yet used, for club meals pre-COVID, The Lenexa Foundation is donating $500 to Kansas City Community Gardens for sustainable access to food - To empower and inspire low-income households, community groups, and schools in the Kansas City Metropolitan area to grow their own vegetables and fruit, $1000 to Salem Lutheran Church Pantry Pack program (Lenexa) - Our Pantry Pack program began in 2011 as a response to the significant rise in poverty in Johnson County. Salem leaders worked with local schools to identify families struggling with food insecurity. We began collecting food and handing out Pantry Packs of groceries one day a week. We are now a Harvesters agency, giving us access to a larger variety of foods. And $1000 to Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church Food Pantry (Lenexa) to reduce stress and impact of food insecurity in response to the growing crisis from the COVID-19 pandemic - They launched their food pantry with Harvesters Community Food Network and are serving local families providing non-perishable items and produce from the church’s Hope Harvest Garden, along with hygiene items.
Lenexa Rotary Foundation grant approved to YouThrive - Helping teenagers aging out of the Foster Care System - To broadly engage the community to empower, equip, and support youth as they make the transition from foster care to becoming healthy and contributing adults.  The Foundation approved the $2500 grant request which will be combined with this year's generous Beer Can Collection fundraiser of $1,520. The beer can collection amount is being matched by a club member that wishes to remain anonymous bringing the donation to $5,540. Thank you everyone!!
Manhattan Rotary
In honor of Rotary Foundation month, The Manhattan Rotary Club celebrates Tom Fryer who received the major donor award from the Rotary Foundation. In a video presented at the November district and club meetings, Rotarian Jim Reed commented on Tom’s many contributions including:
An active member of the Manhattan Rotary Club since 1982. President from 2000 to 2001 and Assistant Governor for District 5710. He chaired the club's Foundation Committee for many years, served on the membership committee, the orientation committee, the awards and recognition committee, and the 100th year anniversary committee. According to one member, Tom has been the most active proponent of The Rotary Foundation in our club. Remarks from recent Paul Harris Fellows mentioned Tom’s role in mentoring them to give to the Rotary Foundation and to consider the Rotary Direct program.
Tom and his wife Angie, who is active in the Manhattan community, have two grown children: Wesley and Trudy. They have 5 grandchildren.
Since July, The Manhattan Rotary Club has honored six Paul Harris Fellows and ten multiple Paul Harris Fellows with more to come.
Congratulations goes to Past Rotary President Mike Dodson who was recently elected to the Kansas House 67th District seat.
Watch our meetings live via Facebook from noon to 1 p.m. on Thursdays.
Manhattan Konza
Manhattan Konza Rotary assembled a total of 550 drawstring backpacks for distribution at local agencies which assist youths and adults through crisis situations. Pawnee Mental Health Services received 300 hygiene kits with hand sanitizer, bar of soap, men’s or women’s deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, and toothpaste for the Crisis Stabilization Center; and 200 packs containing a water bottle, hand sanitizer, facemask, stress ball and other important items for Pawnee’s S.T.A.R.S. Kids Camp. Sunflower CASA received the additional 50 comfort kits that included two coloring books for older kids, colored pencils, journal, bookmarks that can be decorated, deck of cards, and a stress ball.
The project was the first of its kind for the two agencies and items were funded by District Grant Funds. For this project, Konza Rotary received $2629 in District Grant funds ($1821 Guaranteed and $800 Discretionary) and matched with $1321 in Konza Rotary Funds.
“Pawnee Mental Health is delighted to be one of the beneficiaries of the Konza Rotary Club’s Grant Project’” said Di Hinrichs-Toburen, Ph.D., Pawnee Mental Health marketing and development director. “The donation of bags and supplies for Pawnee’s S.T.A.R.S. Camp, a summer camp for children with SED, will be an amazing enhancement for the camp, which allows the children to keep their items together as they move from one activity to another.  Likewise, clients of our Crisis Stabilization Unit will begin their stay with a welcoming gift of necessary supplies. Especially, for those clients who may be experiencing housing insecurity, the bags and content will continue to provide much needed items.”
Pawnee Mental Health is the only provider of community services for children with serious emotional disturbances.  S.T.A.R.S. Camp gives kids the opportunity to experience summer camp in an environment where all the other participants have similar mental health challenges and where the staff are mental health professionals.
Pawnee Mental Health’s Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)  provides a facility where individuals experiencing a mental health crisis can voluntarily come to obtain help, rather than going to the emergency room, jail, or remaining untreated in their personal living environment.
Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are volunteers from many different backgrounds who give their time to advocate for abused and neglected children in the court system. It’s important to provide teenagers with more interactive tools as they work through their emotions and trauma. Our older youth are also more likely to testify in court, and many have expressed wanting a stress ball. This is one of the few things they can have on the stand with them when testifying.
 "The youth who receive items from our agency are always appreciative, and many start using the items before they leave our facility,” said Valerie Ramage, Sunflower CASA training and program coordinator. "Sunflower CASA Project is incredibly grateful for the support and donations we have received from the Konza Rotary Club."
Olathe Santa Fe Trail Rotary
Santa Fe Rotary Club Still People of Action Despite Covid-19
Kathy Musgrave, Howard Cripe, Jim Lammle and photographer Bill Musgrave of the Santa Fe Trail Rotary Club packing meals at the Center of Grace in Olathe for distribution to folks needing a meal. After packing the meals, the club members then distribute the meals to folks as they drive through. Club members have committed to helping with this program regularly in the coming months and are expanding our commitment from packaging and distribution to include preparing the meals. 
Overbrook Rotary
The Overbrook Rotary Club was awarded the Governor's Bell at the District Conference on Nov. 7. (pictured) Past President of the Overbrook Rotary Club Derrick Dahl accepts The Governor's Bell from Assistant Governor Chuck Udell along with current president Gerry Coffman. It will stay in Overbrook for one year then it will be presented to another of the 44 clubs in the district by current governor Faron E Barr. The bell is given to a club that maintains consistent involvement at the district level, participates in the District Grant Program and continuously serves the community through meaningful service projects.
Pictured are a few of the 72 third graders that received dictionaries from the Overbrook Rotary Club. This is an annual event for the club and greatly appreciated by the Santa Fe Trail students.
Overland Park South Rotary
An ambitious crew of OP South Rotarians gathered outdoors at Sunflower House to spruce up the property on November 7th. Club members power washed all the outside windows and now the sun can shine in a little brighter! Members brought their tools, including chainsaws to cut down trees, and cut the trees into logs. Other club members cleaned up invasive ivy out of the tree row, bundled the logs and branches to be hauled away. The debris filled two trailers that were then taken to the dump.
Sunflower House is an expert in child abuse intervention and prevention services and like many non-profits, is working on a tightened budget these days so OP South Rotary was happy to fill this need for Sunflower House to allow their funds to focus directly on the needs of the children they serve.
Shawnee Rotary
CHALLENGE ACCEPTED for the Rotary Club of Shawnee
The year of COVID-19 has been a challenging one, no doubt about it. That is why this year's club theme of “Opportunities Knock” is so appropriate. Since October, the Shawnee Rotary Club has gone above and beyond the call with three different events to support those in need during these challenging times, including Rotary’s ongoing polio eradication efforts. 
First, in October, the club held a Pints for Polio event at Pathlight Brewing. Rotarians did their part, one pint at a time, to continue the fight to eradicate polio once and for all. Pathlight’s spacious venue took all the COVID-19 protocols of masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing very seriously, as did the club. Attendees received commemorative Pints for Polio cups while raising $700. An additional $300 was raised through donations at the following few club meetings, as well as, more donations to the District’s own Pints for Polio fundraiser. The grand total exceeded $1,000. 
Next up, the Club volunteered with Shawnee based community organization, Mercy & Truth Medical Missions. Shawnee Rotary Club used District grant funds to purchase COVID-19 masks, coats, and children’s wear. Club members then participated in a distribution effort for Mercy & Truth, placing items directly into the trunks of a long procession of cars that passed through a local junior high circle drive. Hundreds of grateful, COVID-19 affected people within the community were able to receive these crucial goods. The distributed kits also included medical and hygiene supplies. Curbside flu shots were also provided by healthcare workers from Advent Health Shawnee Mission, all in one incredible coordinated service effort. 
November has been equally busy as the Rotary Club of Shawnee has raised several hundred dollars for its annual Turkey and Warm Dressing event. Monetary donations go to a local food pantry, Shawnee Community Services, that distributes Thanksgiving meal kits and more to needy community members all around the Shawnee area. The club is also collecting new and gently used children’s coats as their contribution to the Johnson County Christmas Bureau, an organization that provides food, coats, Christmas gifts and toiletries to low income residents all over Johnson County.
Shawnee Mission Rotary
The Shawnee Mission Rotary club continued to meet weekly during November via zoom.  Our events, speakers and/or presentations included the following:
  • November 4: Becky Fankhauser – Garage Door Apparel Co. – a small business in Mission, Kansas presented on retail operating challenges for local retail businesses during Covid-19;
  • November 11: Russ Erickson – a member of our club, presented on the Rotary Foundation;
  • November 17: We deferred our regularly scheduled meeting to permit our members to attend a district wide rotary Zoom meeting; and
  • November 25:  No meeting – Happy Thanksgiving
As a community service, on Saturday, November 7, 2020, members of our club helped clean-up planters and other grounds at the Growing Futures Early Learning Education Center, a head start for children and families in Johnson County.

Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile