Message from DG Faron Barr
Dear Fellow Rotarians in 5710,
It has been one year since we entered a period of our lives that we will never forget. One year ago we were in the midst of shutdowns, sheltering and working at home, distancing ourselves from others, there was a surge in toilet paper demand, the stock market was plummeting, schools were closed, and no one knew when it would get better. It has certainly taken longer than anyone I know thought, but now we have most businesses open at some capacity, several people are meeting in-person or hybrid, schools are open, the stock market is back up again, we have plenty of toilet paper, and we have people getting vaccinated every day. This week Kansas made vaccines available for anyone over the age of 16. I hope this moves us closer to a world where we can be together again without being concerned about our health and we can start traveling to other countries again without the concern of tests or quarantines. We have learned how to do things differently over the last twelve months. We know how to meet without leaving the house or office. We have connected with people all over the world that we may have never met otherwise. Some of us have learned how to conduct an effective hybrid meeting or event. We are opening new opportunities almost every day and I expect we will use this knowledge in the best way possible going forward.
On March 20th, we raised $13,385 for the Rotary Foundation Annual SHARE fund at our Gathering For Good! It was a very fun event with people bidding on various items in-person and virtually. Congratulations on your painting Usha! This was the first time we have held an event like this for the RI Foundation. I am happy that it went as well as it did. I thank everyone that participated on the committee. This would not have happened without you. I give a big thank you to our auctioneer Charlie Moon and our entertainment, Annika Wooton. I hope we can continue an event like this and that we find ways to improve the experience for everyone.
We received word in March that the SWARM global grant has been approved! This grant will have the Lenexa and Leawood clubs working with their international partner, the Taipei Oriental Integrity club, to build a counter-trafficking network in Lenexa and Leawood. We are very happy to be working with this new international partner and hope this will be the first of many times that we will work with District 3522 on global grants. We submitted another internal global grant for a reintegration training center in Grandview. This grant will give HT survivors training to develop marketable job skills with the intent of them finding a decent place of employment. The clubs working on this grant are CAAHT, Leawood, Lenexa, Emporia, E-club of Greater Cape Town, South Africa, and Panama Nordeste. Once again, we are establishing connections in different parts of the world that not only helps them, but brings funds back to us to help with efforts in our District.
This month is Maternal and Child Health month. I know many of you have projects that work with children and have had to put these projects on hold. I hope you can begin these projects again soon or, possibly, find a way to complete these projects differently. The Community Action Against Human Trafficking (CAAHT) club is hosting a HT summit on April 10th with the title of Educators’ Role in Preventing Human Trafficking. Please read more about this summit in the article below. Making a positive impact in this area of focus can affect someone’s life forever maybe even yours. I appreciate all that you are doing in our District.
Just a reminder, if you would like me speak to your club in some format, please contact me. I have a few club visits scheduled, but can accommodate your schedule given enough time.
As the days get warmer and more pleasant, I hope you have a chance to get out and have fun, work on a project, or just hang out with friends. I look forward to meeting many of you soon.
Faron E. Barr
District Governor 2020-2021 

Club & District News and Events

Rotary and Polio Plus
The importance of the restart of National Immunization Days(NID) in targeted regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan in the last 3 months has made all the difference in obtaining the amazing reduction in the number of new Wild Polio Virus cases in these two remaining endemic countries.  As shown in this month’s “Countdown to History” scores in the box below, there have still only been TWO (2) WPV CASES so far this year with only one (1) case in each country.  Both cases were recorded in January so this is great news!  The Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s Weekly Report has also listed a significantly lower # of environmental samples and CVDPV samples versus last year! The latest NID in a single region in Pakistan is being conducted from March 29th to April 4th, with expectations of giving the OPV to 9 MILLION children all while observing strict COVID prevention protocols.
The implementation of NID’s has been one of the most effective tools of our Polio Plus supported eradication fight and they continue to be applied worldwide, and in an increasingly well-coordinated activity they also incorporate and support our fight against COVID19. As described last month, very large numbers of our vaccination workers have also been trained to respond to the Coronavirus.
As an example of what is involved in conducting an NID for an entire country, the highly successful efforts that were conducted on a single day in India, which is now, and continues to be Polio- Free, include the following interesting statistics:
709,000 Vaccination Booths; 2,500.000 Vaccination workers; 155.000 Vehicles (including motorcycles mopeds; bicycles, boats, camels, elephants or whatever it took); 225 Million Doses of OPV carried in 2 Million EPN Vaccine Carrier Bags; 6.3 Million Ice Packs to keep all those doses cold; 209 Million homes visited! Result: 174 Million Children immunized in One NID!
If your club has not yet set or met your Polio Plus Goal, plan your next fund-raiser soon to include Polio Plus.  Your club can help us meet District 5710’s $100,000 Polio Plus Goal!  If you need Polio Plus/End Polio Now Fundraising help or ideas or want to borrow the District’s EPN Banners or Flags, get in touch with Jim.  
And Remember: WE ARE “THIS CLOSE”.
Jim Arnett, Polio Plus District Chair - (913) 200-0514 - 
Wild Poliovirus Weekly Update
Week Ending 1 April 2021
Total number of wild cases in 2018:  33
Total number of wild cases in 2019:  176
Total number of wild poliovirus cases in 2020: 140
                Total # of wild poliovirus cases this week: 0
                Total # of wild poliovirus cases in 2021: 2
      (compared with Total of 32 for the same period in 2020)
Total number of Circulating Vaccine Derived cases - 2021: 36
 (compared to total in 2018: 104; in 2019: 378 & in 2020: 1086)
Please Donate @ 
Human Trafficking Summit
Rotary Club of Community Action Against Human Trafficking (CAAHT) is hosting a virtual event, “Human Trafficking Summit: Educators Role in Preventing Human Trafficking,” on Saturday April 10, 2021 from 9:00AM-12:00PM (CT).
Human trafficking is prevalent everywhere, often unreported, and many victims are under 18 years old. Educators build trusting relationships with students. Usha Reddi, President of Rotary Club of Community Action Against Human Trafficking (CAAHT) stated, “Educators are uniquely positioned to teach children to recognize human trafficking dangers and how to seek help if they find themselves or others in traumatic situations.”
The event is for school board members, administrators, school counselors, teachers, student teachers, teacher training program administrators, before and after school program directors, parents and anyone involved in education. The event spotlights two groups of panelists with a focus on legislation, social media, school resources, and curriculum. The event is sponsored by Kansas Association of School Boards, Kansas National Education Association and MB PILAND.
Registration is required. Go to Rotary CAAHT and register today.
Rotary Youth Exchange
On Friday March 19th the RI Board of Directors met and voted to continue the postponement of all Youth Exchange activities until June of 2022.   This will make the second year in a row that the Covid Pandemic has put a halt to all inbound and outbound activities.   Unfortunately many of our students will be ineligible to participate the next year due to age restrictions.  The youth exchange program will begin interviewing this December for the potential of a program in the fall of 2022.  We will keep our fingers crossed that the pandemic will be under control by then.  
RYLA 2021
Happy April!
RYLA will happen this summer over the course of three different weeks. Two camps will be day camps where parents (or students) will need to drive to and from daily. One camp will be virtual.
Both day camps can accept 30 students and will cost $250 while the virtual camp can accept 36 students and will cost $50.
The deadlines for the camps all vary due to the dates of the camps. That's why there are three different applications!  The highlighted yellow section is for your club to decide a due date for your applicants. Your club will fill that in after you download it from the 5710 website.
If you have any students who are good candidates, but your club has not set aside enough funding for them, please send those 'extra'  RYLA applications to me (not Mandy). Often there are clubs with extra funding, but not enough students that have applied.  
Otherwise, everything is submitted to Mandy via email ( with the checks being mailed to the address on the form.
Please visit the RYLA page of the website for applications and brochure!
Rotarian Patti Mellard Honored
We all know Patti Mellard is a powerful advocate for our community. She gets things done! We are so excited to share that Patti is being honored for her work with the YWCA NEKS Center for Safety and Empowerment at the annual Concealed Revealed Art Auction on Saturday, April 17, 2021, from 6 pm to 7 pm.  If you haven’t attended the Concealed Revealed Art Auction in the past, it is a powerful, joyous event that supports vital programs at the CSE (Domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and stalking). Join us in honoring Patti and celebrating the impact she makes on survivors’ lives every day! Patti is truly a person of action!
All the information for Concealed Revealed is posted as a Facebook event (You can find it here:

From the event page: Join us virtually on Saturday, April 17th at 6:00 PM for the 17th annual Concealed Revealed Art Auction, an inspiring, empowering evening of art, honor, and storytelling. While this event may look a little different this year as we transition from an in-person event to an evening interactive virtual event, our mission remains the same: to uplift survivors, honor resiliency, celebrate strength, instill hope, and support the crucial and transformative programs in our Center for Safety and Empowerment.
Sharing Smiles – Vaccine Awareness Project
Rotarians know that Vaccines Save Lives, so this is our way to encourage our friends and neighbors to learn more and to support those providing the vaccines across Eastern Kansas. How is the Smiley Face Project going for your club? Please send feedback and pictures to If you’re not using them, let Jason know and we’ll make arrangements to get them to another club that will. And if you want more, let me know that as well (I currently have ½ of one set available, first come first served).
Rotary Peace Fellowships
Now Accepting Applications for the 2022 Rotary Peace Fellowship!
Rotary International Peace Fellowship Applications are now available on the RI web site!
Each year, Rotary awards up to 130 fully funded Peace Fellowships to dedicated leaders from around the world to study at one of seven peace centers. The Rotary Foundation awards up to 50 fellowships for master’s degrees and 80 for certificate studies. These fellowships cover tuition and fees, room and board, round-trip transportation, and all internship and field-study expenses.
Our district has had a rich history of nominating outstanding candidates. Recently, Jennifer Montgomery from the Kansas Attorney General’s in Topeka has been named a Peace Fellow starting in August, 2021. Watch Video 
The Rotary Peace Fellowship is designed for leaders with work experience in peace and development. The process is global and very competitive - based on personal, academic, and professional achievements. Qualified candidates can NOT be a Rotarian. Candidates must have three years of related work experience for the master’s program and five years of related work experience for the certificate program. They must be able to explain how their plan to promote peace aligns with Rotary’s mission. They must have a bachelor’s degree, demonstrate leadership skills and have a strong commitment to cross-cultural understanding and peace. Candidates come from all professions: government, university faculty and staff, business, non-for-profit, law enforcement, and veterans.
Please help identify potential candidates in your community. If they want to find out more, email Chuck Udell at
Applications and more information are available at They must be submitted to the District Rotary Peace Fellowship Committee by May 15, 2021.
Kansas Leadership Center
Together Rotary District 5680 and Rotary 5710 have received a Transformation Grant valued around $48,000 from The Kansas Leadership Center for 2021 and:
Enrollment is now CLOSED, waiting list is available.
We have filled all 85 seats granted to us. In the past there have been some organizations that did not utilize all of their allocated seats and we have been able to use some at the end of the year. If you did not get registered before we filled our quota and would like to participate, PLEASE:
Follow the path explained below to determine which dates near the end of the year (August and later) you would like to participate in. Then send your name, email address, phone number and class information including dates, to the District trainer for your district (Listed Below)
The KLC Path
Anyone can lead, anytime, and anywhere. Our leadership path will teach you how. Change the way you manage yourself and mobilize others. Transform your leadership skills and become more effective in solving problems with our three-step leadership development path. 
STEP 1: 
Your Leadership Edge (Free through this grant, regularly $399)
Your Leadership Edge is the foundational training that introduces core concepts in KLC’s powerful leadership framework. Discover new ways to communicate, solve problems and lead more effectively back in your context. Sharpen interpersonal skills, self-awareness and confidence with others. Your Leadership Edge helps you find, test and push to the edge of your comfort zone. Required Publications: Your Leadership Edge ($19.99 and KLC Guidebook $12.95)
Lead for Change (Free through this grant, regularly $799)
Continue your learning with this advanced and immersive training. Lead for Change prepares you to mobilize others to deal with tough problems and seize opportunities in any context. Deepen your skills and confidence to engage others to create or manage change. Energize others to deal with problems more effectively for lasting results. Required Publications: Your Leadership Edge ($19.99 and KLC Guidebook $12.95)
Equip to Lead (Free through this grant, regularly $449)
Make a larger impact in organizational culture. Gain tools and develop a plan to embed powerful leadership concepts in your organization so that others exercise leadership alongside you. In the final step of the path, you’ll learn to communicate, facilitate and incorporate core leadership ideas into your context so real change can happen. Build a culture of leadership where you live, work or volunteer. Required Publications: Your Leadership Edge ($19.99 and KLC Guidebook ($12.95)
          GO TO
          Click on the Join Us Box
          Click the Learn More Box for the Session you want to participate in
          Create (or Open) an account and register
          The Promo code for free Tuition will be provided if a seat becomes available
Enjoy the program.  For questions contact:
Neil Wakefield                                           DeAnn Sullivan
Rotary District 5710 Trainer                       Rotary District 5680 Trainer            
Junction City Rotary
Junction City Rotary Club recognized its first Smiley Kit volunteer: Rotarian Willie Thornberg at Jim Clark Chevrolet-Cadillac, 911 Goldenbelt Blvd. in Junction City. The message about Vaccinations is getting out!
Kansas City, KS Rotary
Kansas City, Kansas Rotary Club
Celebrates Women’s History Month
To celebrate Women’s History Month, the Kansas City, Kansas Rotary Club welcomed several accomplished women as speakers at its weekly meetings.
On March 2, 2021, the Club was joined by Dia Wall, Edward R. Murrow and Mid-America Emmy award winning anchor at KSHB Channel 41 Action News in Kansas City.  Ms. Wall began her remarks by sharing that she is passionate about equity.  She cautioned that we must be careful about how we report or chronicle history and explained how she exercises that care in her role as a news anchor.  Ms. Wall emphasized that you should listen to everyone and should not require that someone look or act a certain way before valuing that person’s words or actions.
On March 9, 2021, Sharla Smith, Ph.D., MPH, an assistant professor at The University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City and founder of Kansas Birth Equity Network (K-BEN), presented to the Club.  Dr. Smith’s current research focuses on maternal and infant health disparities.  She explained to members that societal factors such as poverty and residential segregation, together with unconscious biases, lead to race-based disparities in both infant mortality and maternal health.  The mission of K-BEN is to eliminate health disparities by increasing awareness of the high rate of African American maternal and infant mortality and connecting individuals with local resources.
On March 16, 2021, our speaker was Teneca Clark, General Manager of Production for Heartland Coca-Cola Bottling Company and Regional Vice President.  Heartland Coca-Cola Bottling Company is the local Coca-Cola bottler for Kansas and Missouri as well as for parts of Nebraska, Illinois, and Oklahoma.  Mentioning that she works in a male-dominated field, Ms. Clark acknowledged the many role models whom she credits with leading her toward a career in science.  Her stated goal is to “change the default” in the workplace.  For young people to pursue careers in STEM related fields, they need to see people who look like them in those roles.
On March 23, 2021, the Club heard from Robin C. Henry, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of History at Wichita State University, who has written numerous articles and a couple of books focusing on her primary area of study, gender and sexuality and legal and constitutional rights.  Dr. Henry’s presentation focused on women’s suffrage and the passage of the 19th Amendment, in honor of the 100th Anniversary of its passage which occurred just last year.
Closing out the month, Club member Ashley Adorante led Club members in a fun evening of Virtual Bingo!
Leavenworth Rotary
It’s great to be meeting in person again; very nice to see some familiar faces.  Hybrid meetings will continue every other week until the end of the year.
Pictured here are Tom Dials (left) and Bill Kromer.

Pictured here are guest speaker, Suzi Hallas (KC Monarchs Baseball)-left, and our Programs Chair, Blake Waters.
Pictured below are seasoned members, Wayne Shehorn (left) and John Donovan. Meals on Wheels Chair, Tim Vandall (left) and one of our Directors, Dawn Weston. And here is newest member, Chuck Soby attempting to draw the Joker to win the “big” pot, with President Timothy Moran.
Past President Larry Martin sanitizing his hands, part of our checking in ritual.
President Timothy getting ready to start our meeting.
Meals on Wheels deliveries in support of the Leavenworth County Council on Aging continue for our club membership every Monday! Busy hands are happy hands!
The Foundation Gathering for Good was a fun event and this happy Rotarian was excited to get two of his favorite bottles of bourbon in the Wine/Liquor Pull hosted by DGN Jenalea Randall.
Presentation of our Rotarian of the Year Award
16 April - Nonperishable Food Drive in support of our local Catholic Charities
May - Scholarship Presentations
21-22 May - Club Yard Sale
22 May - Over-the-Counter Medicine Drive in support of Saint Vincent Clinic
Lenexa Rotary
The Lenexa Club continues to collect empty egg cartons (1 dozen size) for a local food pantry. The pantry gets eggs in large quantity sizes, and use the smaller size cartons to supply their patrons with a good source of protein. Perhaps other pantries in the district have a similar need.
Manhattan Rotary
The Manhattan Rotary Club is the recipient of the 2020 Community Foundation Award for Civic Philanthropy! Watch the video here. The award recognizes a civic organization of “members who make our community a better place to live through leadership, volunteerism, and philanthropy.” Watch Past President Mike Dodson and Rotarian Chris Nolte explain the work of Rotary at about minute 27:10. Rotarians Rock!

In person/hybrid meetings resumed on March 11. If Rotarians and guests are in town, join us in the meeting room behind Rocking K’s at 1810 Kimball Avenue on March 11. You can also watch our meetings via Facebook or on Zoom.
Funded by a district grant, over 2,000 youth masks have been donated to nine elementary schools and Manhattan Catholic schools. During the school deliveries, Rotarians sported the Sharing Smiles signs.
We continue to work on Manhattan Beats the Virus by providing bookmarks in meals distributed throughout our area and in blessing boxes.
Work in the area of Environmental Support resumes in April with boat ramp cleanup, tree planting, watering, mulching and more. If you are in town on April 25, join us at 1:45 for tree planting with President Myers on the lawn of the President’s residence.
Manhattan Konza Rotary
In an effort to keep the community safe and slow the spread of the Coronavirus, Manhattan Konza Rotary Club purchased and delivered hand-sanitizing stations with stanchions to five area businesses.
Proceeds from the Manhattan Rotary Clubs joint annual golf tournament held last June funded the project. Recipients were sponsors of the golf tournament and included Central Mechanical Construction, Commerce Bank, Dannenberg Jewelers, Kansas Gas Service, and WTC.
Overland Park South Rotary
Overland Park South’s foundation, Future of Hope, provides funds to the Casa Amor orphanage in the Dominican Republic to purchase four computers. The orphanage has been adopted by the Kansas City Royals Dominican Academy. One of the Royals goals is to have some of the older kids at the orphanage take some of the same on-line classes that the minor league players are taking while they play at the Dominican Academy.
Shawnee Mission Rotary
The Shawnee Mission Rotary club continued to meet weekly in March via Zoom; but on March 10, 2021, some of our members met in person outside (at the Rotary Clocktower in Mission) and on March 24, 2021, some of our members also met personally for lunch at Milburn for a hybrid- zoom meeting.  Our events, speakers and/or presentations in March included:
  • March 3: TJ Roberts, presented on the Mission Business District, Mission Restaurant Week and diversity
  • March 10:  Club Meeting at Rotary Clocktower in Mission
  • March 17:  Beau Bolsvert, Johnson County Appraiser, presented on County Real Estate Valuation
  • March 24:  Hybrid-Lunch meeting at Milburn – Tim DeWeese, Director of Johnson County Mental Health Center, presented on mental health and COVID challenges
  • March 31: Danielle Balunco, presented on the Advent Health PGA Golf Tour Championship (formerly KC Golf Classic) to be held at Blue Hills in May, and benefits for volunteer organizations associated with the tournament
Topeka South Rotary
Members of Topeka South are slowly enjoying getting back out into the community to flex their volunteer muscles, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. Teams of five have volunteered at the local Harvester's to repackage food for community distribution five times during the month of March. [see photos attached].
Topeka South is excited to announce it's new scholarship programs for students in Topeka and Shawnee County. TSR will be awarding up to three $500 scholarships to area students this year. Know a student eligible to apply? Share this application form with them: Applications are due April 15.
The Topeka High School Interact Club, sponsored by Topeka South, is hosting its TK 5K, a fundraiser benefitting Fellowship & Faith Ministry Inc. and the YWCA Day Center for Human Trafficking. Learn more about the event here: Follow the event on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest announcements!
The Club is hosting/hosted its first social in many months to catch the KC Royals' season opener on April 1.
Finally, Topeka South will begin hosting hybrid meetings effective April 2. People interested in participating in-person can join together at the Kanza Cafe; meetings will continue to be streamed live via Zoom.
Happy spring to all!

Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile